Help - Testing & Weight loss?

(Joni) #1

Hi! One week in, lost 5.5lbs. Do I need to test for ketones? I want to keep losing weight. I do plan on doing this WOE for life because I feel better plus I get all the added heath benefits. But to be quite honest, I started simply because of the easy weight loss without being hungry. So, for those more experienced…How do I keep this weight loss train going? Would testing help me stay in the zone (simply because I am aware of it and what I eat?) I log on my fitness pal too. Just curious. I’m 68 inches, 185 SW, 160 GW, 179.5 CW. Tks!!

(Jeff Ryan) #2

No you don’t need to test for ketones to help you lose weight but if you want to assure yourself your in ketosis, yeah why not.

Just keep making sure you research the food you eat are keto friendly.


keep in mind you want to lose body FAT not just weight. throw away the scale and take body circumference measurements at a few key point, or better yet get DEXA scans at regular intervals.

define your goals, do you want to be in ketosis for the health benefits? do you want to know your ketone levels because being in ketosis means your carbs are being kept low enough? Although its true that ketosis doesn’t equal guaranteed weight loss, it usually indicates you are on the correct path.

(Guardian of the bacon) #4

Being “in ketosis” does not guarantee weight loss.
Weight loss will not be a linear line, there will be peaks and valleys
The closer you get to goal, the slower loss will be.
Stay within the keto macro guidelines and you will get there…sooner…or later.


You don’t need to test if you don’t want to, no. Especially if you are tracking what you are eating, you can pretty well guarantee ketosis if you are at <20g net carbs. I think most people end up getting some device to track because they are curious and it’s kind of fun. BUT there is no need to do it unless maybe you start running into problems and need to rule out whether you are in ketosis or not. If you do decide to measure, blood or breath os the only viable way. Don’t bother with the pee sticks.

Well done with your flying start. Great attitude. Keep it going super girl. x

(Larry Lustig) #6

I have never measured myself for ketones. I have lost 45 pounds, from 215 to 170. If you are rigorous about not eating carbohydrates and your weight continues to go down or your pants size goes down even without weight loss, I don’t see the need to test – you’re already attaining your goals, almost certainly through ketosis.


For me, testing for ketones was necessary. But, that was my case, and we are not all the same. I am so sensitive to food, that I cannot even use artificial sweeteners as example. The only way to find out what was going on was measuring for ketones.

(Jake P) #8

I like to test, “You can’t manage what you don’t measure.” For me, I document everything. I check ketones a couple of days a week; I log every single thing I put in my mouth. I record steps, workouts, heart rates, measurements, and I take photos. I don’t know how valuable testing ketones is. I can pretty much feel if they are moderate or large.
I’m really into data analytics, and it’s fascinating to see how all these indicators intersect with each other.

I know it’s overboard, but I like doing this kind of thing.

(Morgan Rose) #9

So silly question how were u testing? Blood? Where do u buy one of those meters? ((Sorry I’m drawing a blank for what it is called))


@morgan_rose, first I tested with ketostix, which I soon discovered were unreliable. I then purchased a blood testing meter, dual glucose and ketones measurement capability. Very reliable.

I was able to purchase the Ketostix and blood testing meter at the regular pharmacy. In the prescriptions section of the pharmacy. Talk to the pharmacist…they can help you.


Data helps getting to the results you want or need quickly. Empowers you to test variables, one by one, and quickly gaining control over the situation. Also helps wade through the “rules” and “expert opinions” on the interwebs. I got pretty sick and tired being given the “just keep your carbs below 20 g” message, which was then followed by “if you are not getting results, you are not logging your food properly”. Nope…wrong! Everybody’s body is different. You would be surprised how flavours and various amino acids could be insulinogenic. I have a lot of respect for data collection and analytics when trying to decipher n=1 issues.

(Morgan Rose) #12

Awesome. Thanks I probably don’t “need” to iv been 25 days strict under 25 net carbs. But I would like to test and just kno for myself with sweetners or low carb bread (when I have it) or even alcohol how it affects me.