HELP! Severe Stomach Pain on Carnivore when any plant based food in TINY quantities are eaten

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I would go absolute carnivore but it would have to be a wide variety of meat, organ meats, fish and would have to be collagen rich whale and seal skin, and blubber and maybe some fermented seal flipper with traces of a little C in it, raw and unsaturated with some raw wild unsaturated land mammals and some occasional berries unfortunately that would be hard for me to achieve at my local grocery store and farmers meat market!


One of the things that carnivores usually say to support this way of eating is that it is ‘healing’.
In other words, it eliminates the constant damage that ‘normal’ eating does to us, and allows our own bodies to recover from previous damage. Gut becomes less permeable. Immune system steps down off high alert. And so on.

So it may well be that a period of full on carnivore will allow your body that ‘healing’ and you could reintroduce some of the foods you miss.

Sorry about the ‘ ‘ around ‘healing’, but is a term that irritates me intensely, mainly because people use it as a catch all to justify dietary mysticism.


Depending on the quality and source, some chili, curry powder, paprika etc can have cheap coloring additives which are not labelled and can be a trigger of allergy or sensititivity.

Make sure of the quality of the product.

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Yes, I’ve been searching for people with similar effects on salad. I ate it once with a durum, I was so sick I vomited out anything, even water and had servere diarrhea. I don’t remember much, but my boyfriend said that I told him everything was morphing, and that I was delirious. I remember not being able to think, and I was just like a worm with a lot of pain. And as with you, it stopped suddenly and I could eat a lot. I craved chicken so much I ate 1 kg. Without any problems.

Now, the 2nd time, I ate a little bit of salad beside some chicken. My stomach cramps up all the time, and I have acid now for 2 days. It’s not as bad as last time, but I only ate a very small amount.

I read somewhere that the fibre in plants slightly tears your bowelsystem, because your stomach can’t break it down. I don’t know how much of this is true, but since my reaction on any plant I try to eat, and especially salad, is so extreme, I tend to believe it’s true.

For me, that also goes for sugar, but not lactose. I can eat different kinds of lactose without a lot of problems. I only poop more when I do that.

I’ve started the carnivore diet because of arthritis (I’m 34, I could hardly walk sometimes because of the pain, etc) and this fixed it. Also my ptsd is in control and adhd weighs less heavily on my life. I really like the effects of carnivore on me, because both my mental and body health has greatly improved in a few months.


and this is only a few months! There is tons more great benefits to come! ZC will be a whole new you in time!

Happy you are doing so well. Rock on!!

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Thanks, it’s easy to get over the cravings with stuff like this hehehe


yea I SO hear ya on that! if one is a meat hound and loves it, there is no easier walk into this lifestyle for sure…I mean whats not to love eating fish/seafood fowl and meats…all ya want if you need it :)…nothing, lol

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I had the same experience as you today in the morning! Have been carnivore for less that a month - and today was the most painful stomach ache i have ever had. First hot flashes, then chills. I have no idea what would have provoked this- didnt eat any veggies or carbs, but maybe its the garlic in the meat chips. Have no idea what to do.


eat clean carnivore. eat real meat and not some ‘dried chips’ ya know.
spices can easily effect us so go clean. best ya can do :slight_smile: hope ya feel better! but not all is carnivore related if you have ‘issues’ it could be a true ‘med issue to be diagnosed’ also since I have no idea on your background at all. good luck!!

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I don’t know why or how I missed this post at the time, sorry to be replying so late. The symptoms you relate makes it sound as though the wheat was infected by ergot fungus.

That sounds more like someone’s guess than reality. Fibre is used by the intestinal bacteria to produce butyrate, which, like β-hydroxybutyrate, is supposed to be good for the intestinal lining. But we know that the majority of people are just fine without fibre, especially when eating a carnivore diet.

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Thank you! I knooow i was just so hungry - had to have a snack :joy: I don’t have any food intolerances, just hypothyroidism and I was just looking for answers as to how to help it. The ultimate elimination diet is obviously carnivore. My endocrinologist recommended to exclude gluten, lactose , but lots of veggies :rofl: I was like: nope, that cant work. Anyway today was the most painful morning ever , I wonder how it will be tomorrow.


how long off all plants for you?

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Welcome to the forums!

Be aware that we haven’t seen the OP on the forums for two-and-a-half years, so you probably won’t get a reply.

I’m sorry that you are having unpleasant symptoms. The stomach ache may or may not be related to eating carnivore. I am no doctor, but the fever-like symptoms you describe sound like an infection of some sort, not so much like a food sensitivity. You may want to see your doctor and get checked out.

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So from the 1st of january, completely cut everything out. Only muscle meat (steaks), bone broth, no chicken…

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Especially on carnivore, when you are hungry, it is best to prepare a full meal and eat. If you turn out not to be all that hungry, you can put the leftovers away for later. But both on keto and on carnivore, if you find yourself wanting a snack, that’s a sign that you are not eating enough at meals.

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Is your stomach pain in a very specific spot, or all over in general? I gave up all veggies as they created episodes of diverticulitis flair ups. That is usually felt very acutely in one small area though.

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How fresh was your meat? If your meat was somewhat aged, maybe hanging out in the refrigerator too long, it could have had a large amount of histamine. Those could have been symptoms of too much histamine.

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Hey, did you ever solve this? I’m in exactly the same situation. It’s truly extreme pain if I try to eat even a little of anything that’s not carnivore. I was never sensitive like this before. Much love and thanks in advance for a reply

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It sounds as though you have discovered a sensitivity you didn’t know you had. The reactions were probably lost in the nois of your other metabolic ill-health, and now that you are healthy, you can notice them.

Keep calm, and keto on!

P.S.–Welcome to the forums!

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I know this an old thread but my experience may be somewhat relative.
One of the reasons I started on carnivore was because of severe stomach pains.
For about two years I was have sharp stabbing pains in my stomach. They were happening every couple of weeks and then eventually would hit me every other day and sometimes several days in a row.
They were so bad that I’d just curl up in a fetal position for hours on end. When they’d finally ease up I’d spend the rest of the day in the bathroom with bad movements. I was diagnosed with Crohn’s and I had already had IBS for thirty years or more. I was put on a all vegetable and grain diet and that only made it worse. So I went straight carnivore and within a month I was cured.
I’ll never go back to grains and veggies again.