Hello All! - UK Keto

(Alec) #21

Wow, man, you’ve got some work to do! But you’re in the right place…

If your focus is on healthy weight loss can I suggest you go for the 90 day carnivore challenge… eat just beef, butter, bacon and eggs (and salt) for 90 days… nothing else. You are almost 100% guaranteed to lose significant fat on this diet, and it removes most of the keto confusions. My experience is that carnivore just works, and the key part is that you eat to satiety… you are never hungry! When I first started carnivore I thought it was extreme… it is not… it is what we are supposed to eat, it is what we are built to eat.

Good luck and welcome to the forums.

(Allie) #22

They’re made with Konjac Powder and can be an acquired taste. The Barenaked range are better I think, but also contain soybean flour and oatmeal flour - this does improve them considerably though.

(Max Scotthorne) #23

Hi Alec thank you it is something i have thought about and i am heading toward the 30 day steak challenge podcast (yes i am that far behind). This is a consideration for me but i have to persuade my wife as when i first did keto last year she panicked about what i was eating until i got her round to the way of thinking and evidenced it on the scales. She will require some convincing but ill get there.

(Max Scotthorne) #24

Oooo good tip @Shortstuff im open to anything that improves the flavour

(Laurie) #25

In my opinion, konjak pasta is a fine substitute, IF you saute it a bit after rinsing and straining. If I recall correctly, you can also use the microwave.

The idea is to dry the noodles out a bit, so they aren’t slimy. Another reason is to get rid of the “fishy” taste, which actually comes from the water they’re packed in.

There are instructions on the Internet if you look around a bit.

I no longer eat konjak pasta because of gut issues, but I used to really enjoy it as a pasta substitute.

(Max Scotthorne) #26

going to buy one or two packs just to give it a try and see how they get on with it. Ill let you know how it works out.


Konjac is tasteless though, I usually feel I eat nothing at all… I just use konjac powder for puddings, maybe once per a few months…

My pasta is eggs. Originally I put various oily seed flours into it… It got simpler on carnivore though I don’t really eat “pasta” there. But if I would, that would be eggs fried and crumbled.

But some people like konjac noodles. A very flavorful sauce probably improves it quite a bit. I always liked my pasta with just cheese or walnut or cabbage… And very eggy pasta. So of course I need something eggy and substantial to replace that. A rich, meaty sauce may get away with other, less flavorful and calorie rich pasta replacements.

(Max Scotthorne) #28

My kids are definitely pasta addicts although thinking about it it is the meatballs that the fussy eater loves (the tinned variety) so making some chicken meatballs maybe the win on this.

(Allie) #29

Yes needs to be mixed with something flavourful.

(Max Scotthorne) #30

Thinking about batch cooking some tomato sauce for general use (like fathead pizza)

(KM) #31

Some brands are really unpleasantly fishy smelling - this isn’t in the flavor, and the smell goes away with rinsing, but I have had some that disgusted me to the point that I would not eat them. Other brands have little or no smell at all. Check the reviews! Also be prepared for the texture, which is more like a rice noodle, kind of chewy/rubbery. I actually find them enjoyable that way but it helps if on the first bite you’re ready and you don’t expect them to mush down to a paste in your mouth like regular pasta.

(Max Scotthorne) #32

Thanks @kib1 i have just heard the egg noodle/Patsa recipe im weighing up the pro’s and cons of both

(Marcia T) #33

That film is really great - and I have to ask: she’s seven so does she do her own grocery shopping? Seems it would be fairly easy just to not have chips in the house, no? It will probably be difficult - but not as difficult as watching her fail to thrive when she’s older . . . . just sayin’.

(Max Scotthorne) #34

HI @ShadyLady you are right not having them in the house would be the ideal option but trying to explain to her is hard and she can have severe meltdowns (we are having her tested for being on the “Spectrum”). I think getting her to make the decision would be the better way, I can be hard if I need to be.

(Judith) #35

I second this - it’s a fabulous site (from NZ) and her own kids are mostly keto. Great recipes of all kinds and advice about how to move kids to keto, school lunches etc (this is in reply to shortstuff about the ditchthecarbs website)

(Max Scotthorne) #36

Hi a quick update, the scales arrived today and I’ve got accurately weighed 24st 13.4lb (158.4kg) I am so chuffed. Pulled beef is in the freezer :slightly_smiling_face: looking forward to this month.

(Max Scotthorne) #37

Hi All, again doing a quick update for my own sanity and to keep me motivated. I’m currently down to 24st 4lb so 9lb down since the last update. Keep calm and keto on!


That’s awesome; keep at it!