Hello all, 5 months into Keto

(Denise) #1

…and glad to see your forum. I really appreciate whoever has built this site as it helps so much to talk with others that have gone before me, and I also enjoy sharing things that might help new people to Keto.

I’m a Type 2 Diabetic, so I doubt I would have found Keto if it weren’t for that. So, I know it may sound silly, but I am grateful to find out I had Type 2. This has all changed my life for the better, but the those changes have helped me become more patient, also, and the people that encourage me to be patient. It doesn’t happen overnight :wink:

I figure since it took 68 years for me to get the message, and actually listen, I know it can’t possibly be a quick fix :wink: No meds so far.

PS some further info on my profile as well

(Laurie) #2

Hello, Denise! I’m also “Class of '52.”

My situation is somewhat similar too. I’m grateful that a year or so ago, I began having reactions to many plant foods. It takes away most of the temptation!

(Denise) #3

Nice to meet you Laura :wave:


(Marianne) #4

I discovered keto when I was 60. Wish it had been sooner, however, I’m so grateful that I found it at all. I feel better than I have my entire life. I’m healthy, eat delicious food which I continue to love, and am not ruled by food or my weight for the first time in my life.

Most things in life are a trade-off, and keto is one of them. Many of us, however, are completely happy with it - including myself. It has been my miracle. Five months is excellent. I hope you continue to find this WOE pleasurable and manageable. Best to you!

What helped me for the first year was reading the success stories and watching or reading the science-based information available on dietdoctor.com. Many of the content is available for free, without obligation or membership. If you want full access, I believe they offer a one-month free trial.

(Denise) #5

thank you for your encouragement GM, and the diet doctor is one online source I use for sure. Right now, I have to change something up in my diet as my cholesterol has always run high, over 230-250, and for the last year, over 300. After I was introduced to keto, it started being over the 300, and my last Lipid panel it was 312 for ldl, and 389. My doctor is having a cow, but all I’m willing to do is cut back on my cheese, and yogurt. I think those are things that spiked it up that high.

Feedback welcome, as I am a bit scared. Turning down the meds is really hard when I have never got to go to a doctor that is about alternative medicine and diet/nutrition :wink: Denise

(Ohio ) #6

Dr Shawn Baker has a interesting view on cholesterol diagnostics. I’m not a doctor but I believe his views to be accurate. I’ll let you research that and make your own assessment.

It’s a can of worms but may ease your worries. I’m not sure I’ll ever cut back on cheese and yogurt. Probiotics save lives.

(Ohio ) #7

The only doctors that speak of nutrition and diet are young. My cousin is pushing 40 and she’s the first doctor, I’ve met, to even fathom intermittent fasting. Our back and forth isn’t anymore enlightening than back and forth with randoms on here. I may actually be picking up on more here but the doctors I know do help fill in the blanks on a lot of things. My first doctors would say keto means nothing. Although the local veterinarians all accept and practice keto!?

(Denise) #8

Thank you for the name, and I will look him up for sure. I don’t want to give up my cheese and yogurt either because I didn’t used to eat it at all for several years, because I thought it caused my allergies. Not true at all, it was the grains, breads, and non-complex carbs doing it. I’ve felt better in so many ways since Keto!!

(Marianne) #9

Similar here and for most of us. There are many people on this forum who are very knowledgeable about cholesterol and keto. It’s likely that your numbers aren’t as bad as you think, if your ratio is good, lipid particle size and calcium numbers. Hopefully, someone will respond, and you can always check the cholesterol topic on this site.

(Bob M) #10

That’s probably not true. I don’t buy the theory that sat fat raises “cholesterol”, at least in many of us (including me). It’s probably that you’re now relying on fat as a fuel source. That fat gets shuttled around in lipids such as LDL. Your values may come down, many do. Or they may not.

What will likely happen is your HDL will go up and your triglycerides will come down. Your ‘pattern’ of LDL will likely get larger.

Are these things “good”? If you believe that LDL are BBs that attack the wall of your blood vessels, or that any LDL at all is “bad”, then no. But I happen to think that HDL and trigs are merely indicators of a better diet, and you’ll be better off with higher HDL/lower trigs, regardless of your LDL.

(Denise) #11

Lots have, and much of the info is on things I’ve already been studying since I started so people here are not only reinforcing what I lean towards, and am practicing (no meds) but they are teaching me more, and also reminding me of what I have read :wink: Very grateful and glad I came here, Denise

(Denise) #12

Well I deciding yesterday not to give up my dairy fats so I am risking it rather than the risk of pills. Since my LDL and total cholesterol ran high all my life, the fact it is spiking a bit more on Keto is covered in all the materials I’ve read and listened to. So I’m going to give it a chance and see if those number do come down a bit, or I just give up on paying any attention to it like some are doing :wink:

I think it’s interesting that my last cardio visit got a thumbs-up because my pacemaker is only used 20 % of the time. That was before Keto, but still, nothing else besides the electrical part they call it, has gone wrong at all with my heart.