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:wave: Hello, everyone! :wave:

I’m not new, per se, but I still feel like it at times. I have been eating Keto for about a year and a half. I’ve been relatively successful, down about 75lbs (I still have about 100lbs to go). For the last year, I had slowly stopped tracking my food, weighing myself and being mindful about keto WOE. I avoided obvious carby foods, but I know I overindulged in Keto-friendly foods, thereby making my meals not keto-friendly. I’m about 8 lbs above my lowest weight, which is not much all things considered.

I have been eating OMAD for the most part, except for weekends, where it is unpredictable. I am incorporating more fasting into my routine. Last week I ate OMAD Monday, Wednesday and Friday, fasting through Tuesday and Thursday. This week I am doing the opposite fasting MWF, eating on TTR. I have done a few 100-140 h fasts. I enjoy fasting as it frees up so much time. However, I have an eight-year-old daughter, so I am wary of the unintended messages that I might be sending her. I don’t say that certain foods are “bad” she knows that I don’t eat specific things anymore because they have too much sugar in it for me.

I still have questions about protein and how much is too much. I always find that I have difficulties controlling my intake of protein. I want to eat ALL the :steakcake: all the time! I am better able to control myself with eggs and pork, but a good reverse-seared beef steak makes it difficult.

I have been lurking back on here for a few weeks now and just wanted to say “hi” and see if there are any familiar faces.

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Hello! I started here in April 2019. Congratulations on your weight loss! I have been gaining and losing the same few pounds here for awhile. Trying carnivore 5 days per week to see if I can get things moving and get overall healthier. Good luck and see you around :slight_smile:

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Welcome back Amanda =). Congrats on the 75 pounds that you have lost so far, and I wish you success in the rest of your Keto journey and getting back on track =).

You might be interested in this area of the forum as well =):


Hi, I am somewhat new though so we never met here :slight_smile:

You made me curious. How much meat do you eat or how much do you want to eat? What is the problem with eating the whole steak? Does it happen in the presence of some carbier food (net or even total) or it doesn’t matter, an all-meat (or eggs) day can result in huge amounts of meat as well?
It’s very interesting to me as I can’t even eat much meat if I don’t eat plants, it’s so very satiating. Fatty protein always had this effect on me, only carbs could ruin that but of course, there are different people.

You did some really long fasts (from my viewpoint, at least but it’s really not something one often hear or read)!!! Wow.

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Still here Amanda. Glad you are too. :cowboy_hat_face:

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I’m toying with the idea of carnivore. I am wondering if it would satisfy my meat-lust…

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Thanks for the tip, I’m heading to check it out!

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Hi @Daisytoad!

Right, this is tricky. One way to approach this that I have heard other parents doing is just being honest and open with her. I am thinking that she can understand that when you eat those foods it does not make you feel well, and is not healthy for your body.

I have had this issue too. I do not know the answer of how much is too much, but what has helped for me is to eat fattier cuts like NY strip (strip loin), porterhouse, t-bone, ribeye, and to eat the fattier parts first. This makes me feel satiated sooner because fat takes a little bit longer to feel. Pre-portion the amount you want to have, and eat just that. Also, work on eating slower, cut one bite at a time, and focus on your meal (not just zone out in front of the television, something I struggle with). For my carnivore OMADs, I have around a pound of steak (among other things, but that is my main source of protein), and I try to take about an hour to eat it. Within the past month I started eating like this and it has been very helpful. I was consuming way too much lean protein before and I have noticed now that I am less bloated, less irritable, and overall more comfortable.

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For example Tuesday, I bought some fantastic strip loin steaks at Costco (not grass-fed, I know :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:) I cooked all 3 for my self and my family. I ate an entire one (about 1 lb) my self while my wife and daughter ate off another one. They had peas as a side; I just had steak. While I was putting the leftovers away, I nibbled through the 1/3-1/2 of the steak they had left behind. There is still one sitting in the refrigerator for tomorrow.

I am better able to limit my protein intake when eating eggs. Still, I can only pass off eggs for supper about once a week before I get complaints from my family, unless I turn them into a frittata or the like (then I tend to overindulge, or so I think).

According to Cronometer my macros should be Protein:67g, Fat 129g, Net Carbs <20g and 1500 cals. When I look back at my weekly numbers they are not as bad for protein as I thought but they seem seriously out of whack: Protein:61g, Fat 78g, Net Carbs 5g and 997 cals.


When I do carnivore days (as I can’t do them all the time yet, my almost vegetarian decades just reached their end a few months ago), I usually eat very little meat for reasons. But 1 lbs meat isn’t much, even I went over once when I ate only meat… I can’t see your 1.5 steak too much at all, not even for every day, many carnivores eat much more, at least in the beginning or when they need more for some reason.

I don’t know what Cronometer would say as my needs but I am a short, currently inactive 43 years old woman. 67g protein :smiley: Won’t ever happen. I usually eat somewhere between 80 and 140g (140g is pretty rare but I go higher sometimes), I don’t eat so much lately and only little meat but if I try to eat only meat, I still can’t go higher, meat is super satiating without plants!

Yep, carnivore sounds a very logical idea for you. It’s so odd to me! When I ate meat only a few times per year, if I did eat meat, I meant business. And I had some carbs and those made me hungry. So I ate lots of meat in one sittings if I had the chance. My keto contained much carbs, it seems.
On my carnivore trials I simply can’t eat much meat, it’s so very satiating. I can’t eat much of anything else either, all fatty protein is so satiating without carbs (to me)! Yeah, sometimes 11 eggs happen but only sometimes and that’s not a huge amount. I almost never could eat so small meals when I had plants. And now I can’t eat big ones.
But some people can eat much meat even in one sitting on carnivore. We are different and I only tried several days and I hadn’t always enough meat anyway (but what I had, that was extremely effective most of the time). I probably will get back something of my impressive eating abilities, I always do. But fatty protein without carbs stays effective, I am sure of it.
So I easily can imagine it will help your “problem”.

My SO isn’t into eggs so much either (he loves them but just like some normal person) so I simply make eggs for myself most of the time (and put them in his cakes, no complaints there). It’s good it takes almost no time and there are so many simple egg dishes!

You need more food! With this tiny protein intake, simply more fattier meat sounds just right but if you can add a little fat, that sounds good too, with some (but less) meat. I really don’t know how much food you might need, ideally we feel that. I never followed guesstimations as they always gave me impossibly tiny numbers for everything (thankfully I could lower my carbs when I skipped vegetables and it solved a lot of problems) and I am quite aware that my metabolism allows me eating as much food as I feel I need on my ideal diet (it sounds logical to me, my body knows what it wants, just carbs messed these things up).
So that 1500 kcal or 67g protein limit shouldn’t force your eating at all.
Especially if it causes a serious undereating but not only then.

997 kcals… Only my first OMAD days were that low. And my very first carnivore day.

Sorry, I get carried away but your numbers!!! And I quite understand the enthusiasm of Fangs now, it’s so exciting when things click, after so much struggle in vain (well, in vain from some viewpoint, I enjoyed my journey and needed it, I couldn’t eat like this right away)!

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That’s awesome!