Heinz Sugar Free Ketchup


I was looking at Walmart a little bit ago. If you like the Heinz Sugar Free Ketchup, they’ve got a real bargain right now. A 2-pack of the 29.5 oz bottles for $4.96. Cheapest I’ve ever seen it!

I just ordered six 2-packs along with a few other things to get free shipping. Should be delivered on Wednesday.

(Susan) #2

Thanks for telling everyone =).

Interestingly enough, since I started Keto, I haven’t had any Ketchup at all. I have really been enjoying the natural taste of foods, and haven’t added anything to them in terms of sauces, etc. I have bought Avocado Mayo though to make my salad dressing.

(Cristian Lopez) #3

OMG this stuff!! I love it! Since when were the bottles 29 ounces?!

('Jackie P') #4

I make a really nice salad dressing with this, since balsamic glaze and pomegranate molasses have been off the menu!
tbsp ketchup
1tbsp ACV
2-3tbsp EVOO
1/2tsp grainy mustard
S&P, dried oregano.
Shake it all up- delicious !
Also a splodge in home made mayo makes a great rose marie sauce for prawns. Add some chopped gherkin and a few capers for a thousand island dressing!
It’s an intense and fresh flavour and a little goes a long way.:blush:

(Marius the butter craving dude) #5

I always new ketchup was sugar packed… never used any.
Yet to my surprise even mustard and horse radish, the spicy flavors, have sugar !!
Never heard of sugar free ketchup. Will look for it at the store next time


I first noticed them several months ago.


Personally, I have stayed away from the processed “low carb” / “no sugar added” ketchups because they tend to add sucralose or other unhealthy ingredients to their products. I found these when I looked into this ketchup: heinz ketchup , sucralose .

As always, I advise a person to do their own research about matters, don’t just take someone else’s opinions on a matter.


For anyone who may be interested, I just made my own ketchup the other day, and I find I prefer the taste of this to the store-bought brands. I found the recipe in this YouTube video: home made ketchup