Headed for gym, and need some input

(Denise) #1

I won’t be doing free-weights, at least not to start. I’ll be using their machines for upper and lower body, as well as doing some fun Zumba on Wednesdays.

I would love input on before and after meals, which is most recommended by folks here that go to the gym, or just what you’ve found to be the most benefit?

What I’m doing for my first day of a new membership, is eating now and waiting 2-3 hours to go down to the gym. I don’t know for sure what is best, so I’m just winging it today. I won’t do anything but the machines today. Any help appreciated :wink: Denise

(Bob M) #2

You know, at one time, even while keto, I had something (typically, a protein drink) before a workout and something (protein drink, food) almost immediately thereafter. Now, I don’t worry about when I eat. I exercise in the morning (5:30 am this morning), so I’m always fasted. And then I’ll eat a few hours later, when I get hungry.

So, whatever works for you is good.


It’s individual. I must be well-fasted for my workouts (or any intense physical work but I prefer walking/hiking well-fasted too).
I used to get hungry soon after (not immediately but soon), now I don’t have that. But as I do my workout after noon, I eat in a few hours anyway (but I had to eat in 30-60 minutes in the past and it changed just like my hunger did).

(A fool and his bacon are soon parted) #4

Excersise fascinates me. I could sit and watch it for hours.

(With apologies to Mark Twain :grin:)

(Denise) #5

This morning went really well, and I waited just 2 hours after breakfast. I think It will probably differ on some days, like many times I’m just not hungry in the a.m. but I was today so I ate. After I worked out for an hour down there, I went to Walmart and did some shopping, and then home again by 1 and was ready for a sort of snack I have for lunch if I’m hungry for lunch.

I think I picked the right time as it was really empty at 10a.m. just a handful of people, really able to get around on all my fave machines. Got some pointers from a guy about my age with really nice arms :rofl:

(Denise) #6

LOL, I couldn’t just sit and watch, I want in there :wink:


Pre and Post meals (or supplements) are important, but, when eating standard keto it’s a little different. Usually you go for pre/post workout carbs, but with keto, minus TKD, you’re not. Most people want at least 2hrs post meal for a pre workout meal before hitting the gym, if you can’t give it that time (I can’t) A protein shake before the gym is good. You may want to do say a protein shake with a scoop of MCT powder in there, maybe some salt. You pretty much want to provide some protein and an energy source so your body won’t want to burn your muscle. Post workout you want some protein as well. If you can get a real meal in that’s awesome, if not, a shake also does the job. Also make sure your protein intake is adequate as a whole, the normal go to is 1g/lb of bodyweight, that gives you enough wiggle room to have all the protein you need for your body, your muscles and some wiggle room for growth.

(Denise) #8

That’s how I did my post-meal today, 2 hours earlier. I read 2-4 hours is what some do but I didn’t have enough time between getting up and going to the gym. I also lost out on my overnight fasting. Live and learn, and this is a new, big step for me to commit to going to the gym. They’ve re-constructed the gym and it is so much better!! Now I can’t wait to go again :wink:

(Allie) #9

Personally I can’t train after eating. I train evenings and don’t eat anything after 1pm.
Best advice is to just eat whatever you’d normally eat, if you’re hungry. Really no need for special pre/post meals.


I eat when I’m hungry and when I exercise doesn’t really influence it. Exercise suppresses my appetite, so if I exercise late and haven’t eaten before, I’ll probably not eat that day. But usually I do have at least one meal a day.

I make sure I’m eating enough proteins, but don’t pay attention as for when to eat it related to exercise. I just eat it when I have a meal.

Some foods make me feel bloated, sometimes. If I’m like that, I’ll avoid running, or else I’ll feel sick to my stomach. But then I still can do all other forms of exercise, including weights. Just the running isn’t nice when bloated.

So, if I really want to run, I’ll not eat those foods right before.

Enjoy your workout!

(Denise) #11

If you can stand it, I’ve found ACV (apple cider vinegar) gets rid of any issues like bloating. Might work for you too Corals.

I just walk, at 69 I can actually run but I don’t enjoy it as much as I do walking. Plus I worry I might break something, lol! But good for you doing what you love. I think that’s the ticket to “exercising regularly” is to find one you really love to do :wink:

(Denise) #12

Whatever works for us right Allie :wink: I think too much about doing things the way others do when I need to find what works for me. If I’m just doing it at all is the main thing for me, I’ve never been consistent but being around this forum with all of you is so helpful and encouraging :wink:

(Karen) #13

If you are just doing machines I wouldn’t worry, eat or don’t eat. Protein drinks are really for athletes that are truly working out their muscles and drink it afterwards to repair them.

If you do a really good cardio workout I would avoid eating first… I know personally I would throw up if I ate first.

I do all my workouts fasted as I prefer to workout in the morning. My first eating window is between 11 and 1 (or 2 or 3 depending on how distracted I have been)

I do intense physical workoutswith CrossFit, (cardio, weights and gymnastics). Many years ago when I first started using gyms, I got hooked into having protein drinks which in turn left me feeling bloated. I thought I needed them as that’s what the gyms, media, fitness mags etc keep feeding you. I came to my own conclusions and feel far better without. I eat Carnivore so I know I get a good deal of protein from all the meat I eat.

I would suggest that if you have done a good workout on the machines just ensure your next meal has a good source of protein.

Good luck whatever you decide.