Have you ever eaten something that was slightly off/rotten?


Have you ever eaten bad meat or fish and you weren’t able to go back and cook something else?

How do you get past the memory of the smell/taste of it?


About a billion times, you just eat a good one and all is fixed. It’s eating it and then thinking about the bad one that messes you up. With fish you (usually) smell it coming, especially if you’re the one that cooked it.

(Robin) #3

I get past the memory by not thinking about it. Same way I got over my ex. :wink:

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Am not going to connect the dots too literally between your hilarious answer and the original question. :thinking:

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One of the reasons spices used to be so highly prized was that, in the days before refrigeration of any kind was available, meat that had gone at least a bit off was a fact of life, and spices helped disguise the taste.

I can’t really comment on the validity of the idea, but I have read that our stomach acid is so strong because at one point in our evolution we were carrion-eaters.

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If I had remembered the name of the thread, I probably would have censored myself. Lolol


This :smiley:

But I never ever eat stuff I seriously dislike so all the off food was still better than nothing at the moment, not traumatizing.
(Normal, “good” food managed to traumatize me though. I tried to forgot, mostly avoided it and a few decades helped.)


Ifod14 - I always smell the seafood when I open it from the package. I am really sensitive to smell. I can give a freshness rating by smell from 1 to 10, 10 being worst. If it’s super bad of course I’m not going to cook it, but there is always one not so great like a 7 or 8 so and I don’t really feel good to throw it away or thaw out a new one.

Robin - Your comment made me laugh. I try to do this also.

Paul - It’s occurred to me many times that people in the old days must have accepted that not everything was going to be fresh and they were probably used to it. There are times when something is really bad, or food got old and I will throw it to the woods for the animals to eat because I don’t like to trash food, and they always gobble it up. They aren’t picky, and it doesn’t seem to hurt them. I would remind myself this when I had a not so great dinner.


My cats aren’t so choosy either. They get the questionable but not bad, per se, eggs :slight_smile: Maybe cheese but that’s rare… And the chewy meat parts. I never have spoiled meat so not that. Well once the bacon was questionable but became edible when fried. It’s not good for the cats anyway as it’s very salty and smoked and stuff.

I don’t think most people handle noticeably spoiled stuff well, most can’t even eat all the fresh ones! Humans are so fragile and thickly…
But some of us are a bit better at it. I never had problems from drinking sour milk or eating soured beef soup (I am sure the vegs got bad in it, they spoil quicker. but I like sour and meat is precious… it was still enjoyable :D)… But these are rare occasions as I am very careful at home and I don’t throw out food and I don’t even get spoiled food almost ever.
Some spoiled food items have more dangers than others. I never would eat rotten meat, of course. My anchestors may have eaten carrions but they aren’t so good for me I suppose. Survival when we have no other means is different, I can choose not to eat bad food. It’s very easy for me to avoid getting my food spoiled so there is no problem.

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Back in the day, after an excessive drinking session with my university society I ate some Chinese food.

Suffice to say I tasted that sweet and sour chicken several times over the next few hours - both up and down so to speak.

20 years later the slightest thought of sweet and sour sauce makes me nauseous.

Luckily due to keto it is now off the menu.


We have a popular sour/sweet sauce here. The taste resembles vomit while it’s kind of nice…? It’s a confusing combo. It even has carrot in it :D. And it’s not pretty.


sure I eaten icky and I had no issues getting over it. just me maybe but we all know there is a few bad in all the great so to me it is nothing, but again, that could be just me :slight_smile: