Hate egg yolks


Hey y’all. Newbie here.

Since I was a child, I’ve been repulsed by egg yolks and honestly cannot overcome this psychologically. Cooked egg whites are fine. Any suggestions for yolk replacements for baking?



Try one of these alternatives.



Thanks so much! Will try flax or chia first.

(Bob M) #4

You can tell there are egg yolks in things you have baked?

(Carl Keller) #5

@ctviggen I met someone on the forum whose wife liked caesar dressing… until I told them most caesars have anchovies or anchovy paste in them. Then she wanted nothing to do with caesar…


I feel the same way about Caesar dressing but because of yolks. Same with many ice creams. And mayo, of course.

I don’t know if I would be able to tell in baked goods in a blinded trial, but I’m a compulsive label reader.

(Bob M) #7

I use anchovies all the time to add some umami flavor. For instance, for this recipe (which is great, by the way):

I add 2-3 anchovies to it. I use a stick blender to grind them up, and you can’t (or, at least I can’t) tell they are there, other than some increased salt and flavor.

I use them in chili, etc.

It’s possible that some people, supertasters perhaps, could tell these things. But I’ve never been one to review food labels based on what’s in them due to taste or revulsion. I do review food labels for maltitol, canola oil, etc., but none of that is because the food’s taste or whatever my revulsion was. Heck, I love beef liver now, and HATED it as a child.

(Jane) #8

You found an ice cream made with only egg whites or no eggs?

Edited to add: I suppose a vegan one would qualify.