Has Lustig moved towards us?

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Everyone should know who Robert Lustig is …

In a lot of ways he is what we are - anti sugar but when he has spoken to say Jimmy Moore there has been a debate over other carbs …

Well watch this

remeber he is not CICO and actually to quote him - FAT is not the problem, sugar is, he has moved towards us I think !

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Lots of good stuff, as always. He’s always been ancestrally based.

He is tough on industry and govmt; gives reasons why Obamacare is/was “garbage” (his word, ~1:11).

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think not best to go into obama/trump care eh ?

coming from the UK the issue is not one of health systems but those health systems having to deal with the impact of crappy carbage that is sold as ‘good food’.

Robert started with attacks on big soda - see CC and Pepsi - Soda sales dropping like a stone in certain areas and govt interference with sugar taxes is WORKING.

He has now moved onto processed food and once that battle is won (i.e. big wheat) then the natural answer becomes Paelo/realfood/keto.


Yes I’ve noticed his position on carbs has shifted a bit. And in a recent video with Cross fit, he actually endorsed zero carb, and describing the various natives who eat a zero carb ancestral diet and live in perfect health. He has come a long way. I remember years back when he distanced himself from the low carb and keto crowd. But, he is today getting closer.

I’ve always admired Dr Robert Lustig. Even when I disagreed with him, I had great respect for him. He’s a fighter and constantly seeks to expand knowledge. He even got a law degree in order to get better at fighting bullshit government policies that are ruining children’s health.

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and he is a winner, he has changed things along with others and things are shifting …


Totally agree. I’ve watched his university lectures and learned soooooooo much. He has educated so many people, beyond the university walls. His impact on the food industry is profound, too.

I would LOVE for 2 keto dudes to have him on the podcast!!!

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Excellent idea as the show is all about ‘show me the science’ …

And Robert is ALL about the science

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Oh BTW I watched Pet Fooled on Netflix last night …

same issue with our pets

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Ok I have to say it… Lustig is the German word for funny :joy::joy::joy: (sorry, not grown up after all :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)


Really? Wow.

He does have a good sense of humor. I think the name Lustig fits!

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Yes, probably. But google “Lustig” and “Richard David Feinman the other”. And in his field, Feinman, is better qualified than Lustig.

(And Feinman is a bona fide low-carb guy - always has been), well, for as long as I’ve known about him).

(Apologies if you’ve read this from me before, and this is mere repetition. However, I’m more than ready to welcome into the fold one sheep who repenteth… :wink: ).

(If your googling doesn’t come back with anything interesting, I will come back with a specific link).

(For some reason, my browser spell-checker doesn’t like “repenteth” … :slight_smile: kids… ).

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Lustig’s sugar talk on youtube was what first opened my eyes. Once I started thinking about it there was no going back.
And the thing I love about him, is that he’s angry and provocative. I heard him on a phone in show and some dietician phoned in and started banging on about ‘eat less, move more’ and he totally called her out. I nearly snorted tea out of my nose while I was listening to it. He was having none of it.
We need more angry doctors who are prepared to call bullshit in public.

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and only those with no commercial interests will do this

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Yes. Please. Do NOT @trekkin1

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[quote=“Fiorella, post:6, topic:11205”]
I would LOVE for 2 keto dudes to have him on the podcast!!! [/quote]

I shall magically summon a dude.

I shall magically summon the science dude.

OK. I totally love Lustig now. :sparkling_heart:

(Richard Morris) #16

I would love to chat to Dr Lustig. His forensic prosecution of fructose is legendary.

(Clare) #17

And I don’t think he’s ever been ‘against’ keto - but I think he’s trying to find practical solutions for people. We know that our diet is awesome but we also all know that it can sound extreme to people who haven’t tried it. Lustig has been dealing with desperate parents and trying to give them guidance for their kids - that’s got to be tough. No wonder he’s annoyed.

(carl) #18

I totally agree. Seems like he’s balancing practical advice so he doesn’t come off as extreme. I bet if you ask him one on one he’d be happy if people gave up sugar completely.

(Clare) #19

He’s said himself he has dessert about twice a year. He gets it.


The issue isn’t the avoidance of sugar. The issue is carbs in general. In a recent podcast he said he has his half bagel for breakfast every day. He’s been on a panel a few years ago where he and Dr Andreas Eenfeldt respectfully disagreed on grains (Dr Eenfeldt said it is best to avoid them, and Dr Lustig disagreed). Gary Taubes and Dr Lustig have also sparred on a few issues, like the role of fibre in the diet…but always very professionally and with great respect for each other. However, even though with these subtle disagreement, in my view, I still have great respect for Dr Lustig. His approach is not dogmatic and aiming to win biased points of view. And he changes his recommendations as he uncovers more scientific data. I wish all doctors and scientists had a genuine interest to uncover the truth like he has. If he sees bullshit dogma, he will call the person out on it. But, if he disagrees with the hypothesis presented (like from Taubes or Eenfeldt) he will engage in a respectful discussion, with aim to bring more clarity and understanding, rather than “winning the argumat”. I find his approach so refreshing.