Has it Finally happened?


Has it Finally happened?

My Final meal is at 7pm, I woke this morning at 05:30 and made my usual black coffee for the drive into work. I then had my 1st meal of the day at 10:30 (3 x bacon & 2 x egg scrambled). I was a bad boy last night and forgot to pre-make my day’s Lunch, so I was forced to go to our works canteen. I was faced with very little Keto friendly meals. I was forced to eat 1 x Breast of Chicken (13:00) I then left work at 17:00 and went to my gym 18:00. Tonight was Shoulders & Arms. Not the most stressing of workouts, but I did have plenty of energy and was able to rep to fatigue every set.

So as the TITLE states. Have I Finally got Fat adapted? Is this a sign of it happening. I never felt Hungry all day and was still able to do my Full workout without any drop in energy.

The Picture was my Meal after the workout. 300g of Streaky Bacon (as we call it in N/Ireland - The fattiest bacon cuts) 3 x Lrg Free Range eggs, 2 x cups of Kale fried in the bacon fat… Yummy

(Carl Keller) #2

I would hestitate to call it 100% FA after only one month but if you can keep this up for solid week, I’d say it’s time to give you your keto black belt. Congrats!

(Michael - Don't expect miracles and you won't be disappointed.) #3

Good news and not so good news. The good news is that if you have been eating sub-20 grams of carbs daily since May 1 consistently then you are burning fat. The not so good news is that you are not ‘fat adapted’ in any other sense of the word.

A lot of people mistakenly think that fat adaptation is a static condition that you attain after x days of ketosis. It’s not. It’s a process of gradual synchronization of synthesis and utilization of fat and ketones. The cells and organs of your body have been burning glucose for years so it’s unrealistic to think they are going to start burning fat efficiently in a few weeks or months. They will need a lot of practice before they get good at it. We all progress individually at our own pace.

More good news! As long as you continue eating sub-20 grams of carbs daily, the more practice your metabolism gets at synching synthesis and utilization, the faster you progress. Plus, a lot of good things start to happen long before you get past ‘good enough’. :wink:

(Carl Keller) #4

I have to humbly disagree that he is no sense of the phrase, fat adapted. He certainly has some degree of fat adaptation if he can go long periods of time without eating and his energy levels do not suffer, while burning body fat in the process. Literally, it means that in the absence of dietary fuel, body fat is converted to energy to supplement a caloric deficit.

Maybe a month or two doesn’t qualify for certified fat-adapted status but the basis for being a fat burning machine that can switch from beef to butt when necessary, is well established for the OP, IMHO.

(Michael - Don't expect miracles and you won't be disappointed.) #5

I addressed the OP original question: “Has it finally happened? Have I Finally got Fat adapted?” I think the question strongly implies the erroneous assumption that ‘fat adapted’ is a static state. Something one attains and that’s that. So I thought it important to correct. I don’t disagree @Buck-eejit is fat adapted in the literal sense of burning fat and said so. I just didn’t want to take it further. I agree that encouragement is a good thing and I’m all for it. Still, I think it just as important to dispel any misunderstanding of a process that has only just begun and has a long ways to go. I see a lot of newbies on this forum get confused and upset because of mistaken ideas about ‘fat adaptation’, what it really means, how it evolves and how much it varies individually.

(Alec) #6

This is a sign of fat adaption.

(Jules ) #7

Congrats! Awesome effort, what a big achievement to not feel hungry, work out , feel great and be on top of things.
Such great progress, well done.


Thank-you for taking the time to reply.

You missed out a part of that sentence that is important!!

I never once stated that I “am” fat adapted. I was merely pondering the question, is this the start of it happening. Even the Title is in the manner of a question.

Because, I felt great all day and this felt like I had turned a corner yesterday

I am a great believer of Encouragement as a motivator in work or in life, thankfully I am thick skinned. I will take your post on the chin and continue down the Keto road.


Thank-you all for your replies. I do feel like I am finally turning the corner on this new keto Lifestyle (I dont like calling it a diet)

Everyday looking for ways of making new meals and finding other ways of getting in the daily macros.

After asking a question in another section about Keto diets being bad for Heart health. I got some great replies and links to research sites and YouTube’s I could watch and read. I am now a lot more comfortable on this keto road than I was a few weeks ago. (CAD has killed my Dad and Grandad in relatively young ages both in late 50’s) so you can see how I would be concerned I might be making my heart worse than it probably already is from eating the High sugar and carb foods over the past 47 years.

That was why I added in the Kale, one of the YouTube described how its good for breaking down the plaques in the arteries.

(Cranford Coulter) #10

I started eating kale, and turnip greens, and beet greens, and spinach, and white button mushrooms to get off of BP meds. They are all rich in potassium. The potassium / sodium balance helps regulate blood pressure. It’s safer to get potassium in food rather than straight supplements. In one week, I lowered my unmedicated BP from 160/90 to 115/75 without leaving ketosis by eliminating caffeine and taking my carbs almost exclusively as listed above.
I’m still a newbie at 3-1/2 months, but have experienced amazing changes. Yesterday my wife asked me how long I was going to “stay on this diet”. I told her “for the duration”. I f I leave it, all the old problems come back, along with the expensive meds, etc.
So, enjoy the journey! The best is yet to be!

(DARREN) #11

Frying the Kale in the bacon fat made it all crispy :ok_hand:

(Cranford Coulter) #12

I use more fat than that. I also, sometimes cut the bacon into bite sized pieces before frying and leave it in. I sometimes turn down the heat and add some olive oil, so the kale doesn’t dry out. If I could afford avocado oil, I would use that.

(Allie) #13

This is a very positive sign of you being successful long term :slight_smile:

(DARREN) #14

Can I ask a secondary question based on what I have asked above in the opening post.

Once anyone is “Fat Adapted” does this mean you can generally eat less calories in a day because your body can now pull what it needs from the fat stores. When I ask about eating less, I am talking about until I reach my desired weight. Yesterday even after doing my workout, I still didn’t feel hungry. When I got home from the Gym, I jumped in the shower, made a coffee chatted with my wife, then started watching a program on TV with her. And before I knew it it was 9pm and I still hadn’t eaten anything, and still wasn’t feeling hungry. I can imagine how easy it would be to go through an entire day and maybe only have eaten 1000 calories. I am going to guess for someone who wants to build lean muscle eating to few calories would be detrimental to muscular build?

I have plenty of stored fat as I am 5’ 9" (175cm) weighing in at 98 kilo at start and currently this morning 91.4 kilo. Idealy I would like to get too around 80 kilo’s and be lean and sporty looking in appearance.

(Scott) #15

Maybe it would more accurate to say that “It has finally started to happen”

(DARREN) #16

As I type this, I am currently 22hrs Fasted. I feel great…

My last meal was yesterday 12:30, I am going to eat some Bacon and eggs at 10:00 this morning.

I feel totally focused, I dont feel hungry even now 22 hrs in. The one thing I will say is that I while I wasn’t hungry last night My brain was telling me to eat out of habit & boredom while sitting watching TV. On a Thur night my wife works late, so I am in the house on my own with little to do. Fighting the munchies used to be my biggest nemesis. I am now looking forward to eating a few calories today :slight_smile:

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@Buck-eejit, I found spending time on the forum helps resist the munchies. :slight_smile:

(Scott) #18

When this happens I grind some salt into my palm and pop it in my mouth.

(Jane) #19

You are definitely fat adapted in my book! I am 18 months on keto and been at my goal weight for a year.

Yes, you will naturally eat less when your hunger subsides and you start burning your own fat stores. You have to be careful not to lower your metabolism so when you are hungry - EAT!!! When you are not - don’t.

Welcome to the dark side. It’s an amazing place to be!

(DARREN) #20

I wouldn’t consider doing this often, maybe once every 2 weeks. It was more for a test to see if I would get hungry or not.

Before Keto, I tried my best to eat whole foods and as healthy as I could.
breakfast would have been Rolled oats and Whole earth penunt butter and organic Honey

Lunch was normally Pasta with meat and sauce. Or Irish Stew (potatos, meat, carrots, onions)

Dinner was usually more potatoes and chicken or sausages, burgers and gravy etc.

I know know this was bad foods, but I thought I wasn’t eating too badly. I will say though, my Nemesis was Chocolate Digestives and Jaffa cakes… I could actually demolish a full packet of them in one evening…

But strangely, they dont even bother me now. There is currently a full packet of both in the cupboard and ive not even bothered with them