Has anyone tried this for good source of daily protein?

(Mark Lyck) #1

After reading about keto and healthy foods. I was looking for a place to find proper grass finished beef.

(I live in a city so unfortunately going to a local farm isn’t an option) but I came across this place called Farmers Box ordered one box and it tastes really good. (like I ended up eating like 10 of them in a day lol!)

I’m wondering if this is a good source of daily protein though? It all seems “healthy” and all, but what do you guys think?

How do those of you that live in a big city get healthy meat?

(Carl Keller) #2

I see something like this as backup plan for times when I’m in a pinch. Maybe keep them in a travel bag for a long car trip or a long flight when there are few low carb options. If I had these at home, I’d be tempted to eat them when I wasn’t really hungry and since I try to avoid snacking, I don’t see eating five of these as a meal when I can have a nice ribeye for the same price.

For someone just beginning LCHF, these might be useful when they are craving carbs or having hunger pangs between meals. I know I kept cheese sticks, boiled eggs and almonds around for that purpose and wouldn’t have minded these.

I won’t kid myself that the meat I buy at the market is as healthy as it can be. I do buy hormone free chicken and wild caught salmon but I’m sure my beef and pork have additives I am better off without. However, I know I have never been eating healthier in my life than I am now. I can’t control all the variables so I just do the best I can.

(Karen) #3

Interesting are they shelf stable? What a great pack a long treat for a hike.

(Karen) #4

hormone free chicken

I’ve certainly seen some organic and hormone free chicken, but they all say that they are vegetarian fed. Doesn’t that just mean things like corn. I haven’t found any that are pasture raised on bugs in such

(Full Metal KETO AF) #5

“Don’t let perfect get in the way of good.”

Can’t you find any grass fed beef or lamb? Most lamb is from AU or NZ and is parstured. I can always find ground beef where I live, it’s more expensive but fairly easy to find for $5 lb. I don’t generally get too particular about chicken because they’re mostly antibiotics and hormone free where I live, even Foster Farms. And chicken isn’t a budget meal if you have to pay $15 for a roaster. At that price I would spend the money on beef instead even if it were conventional grain finished. I do insist on buying only wild caught seafoods as farm raised is just…gross with contaminants. :nauseated_face:



It was looking good until I read the ingredients list. Sugar? WTF??? Why would you think beef needs sugar added to it.

(Allie) #7

Wouldn’t touch it.

(Alec) #8

Quite. No brainer.

(Linda T) #9

When I lived in Seattle I was able to get local grass-fed beef (from a ranch in the region) at a Saturday farmer’s market near me. I found that, I think, by Googling “grass-fed beef Seattle” which gave me the ranch’s web page saying where they sold. Now that I’ve moved out of the city, I drive out to the ranch and buy it. They also have grass-fed (though not local) at my local small town supermarket. It’s getting easier…but I think whether it’s easier in the country or in the city depends entirely on where you live. Don’t give up. It’s worth the effort.


I like this place for ordering online: https://www.farmfoodsmarket.com/collections/on-sale