Has anyone tried Keto without dairy?

(Bob M) #21

I recommend everyone try a Whole 30, even if keto. I found that dairy does not bother me much, but some of it causes me to overeat, like yogurt. Cheese not so much. I therefore have limited my dairy, but do use it on occasion.

As for spicy food, I did Whole 30 without spicy food, and now I realize that spicy food causes me an immediate allergic reaction. I get inflamed and have allergy symptoms. I though this is just a symptom of eating the food, but now I realize it’s more complex than that. I still eat spicy food, but I limit the times to maybe once or a few times a month.

(Stylee) #22

I hear you, I was an opiate addict about 20 years ago stemming from medical issues and eventually self medicating. I went to some NA meetings and decided that it wasn’t for me. Many people going 20 years after quitting. I wanted a different lifestyle not to constantly be around other addicts. So I got my shit together and quit on my own and never looked back.

(MelissaH) #23

Dairy stalled my weightloss for sure. I also feel less bloated when I cut way back on it. I don’t think we were ever meant to eat cheese with or in every meal lol



That kind of thing is not unheard of, a certain food or food groups throwing people off.

Definitely back off form the cheese for now. Maybe try it in a few weeks and see if you still have the same reaction then you can clearly decide if it’s a no-no food or just a temporary glitch.

I had Greek yoghurt the other day, I felt bloated, didn’t lose weight for those couple of days … so I backed off. Might try it or another brand in a few weeks.

(Stylee) #25

Bummer about chilies giving you an inflammatory response. Capsicum is so healthy for you in many ways normally. I eat spicy hot foods at most of my meals. Fresh chilies, tabasco sauce, fermented veggies with hot peppers, Cajun seasoning, chili paste and on and on. Greatly reduced risk off GI cancers and usually anti inflammatory for most people (with the exception of your mouth while eating them of course!).

(Bob M) #26

I assume this data is from epidemiological studies?

I ate so much very hot food in my life that I think I developed an allergy to it. I had to buy the ultra-hot hot sauces or they were too mellow. Or maybe I always had an allergy to it, and just never knew until I was off it for a while. But as soon as I eat hot sauce, hot peppers, etc., I get nose and upper respiratory congestion, sneezing, runny nose/eyes, etc. And this happens every single time.

(Stylee) #27

The exact opposite thing happens to me when I eat peppers, if I have congestion in the sinus it opens up immediately after a couple of bites. Never really got into ultra hot ghost peppers and such, too much for me to taste anything else.

From studies of mostly SE Asian cultures who eat chilies at every meal. And cayenne has been known for it’s medicinal healing properties for a very long time. Useful for arthritis and other inflammation. They use capsicum in patches for fatigued and inflamed muscles too. Salonpass


Since I have nonexistent cooking talent, I’m dependent on recipes. A lot of LC recipes use milk, cream cheese, HWC, sour cream or cheese. I was lost until I discovered that vegan cuisiniers have crafted tasty substitutes. Nut based sauces can be made that remarkably mimic cheese based sauces. I use coconut milk or coconut cream as a direct replacement for dairy milk or cream.

(Brian) #29

Some speculate that not all dairy, or cheese, or butter, or yogurt, or whatever dairy product, is created equal.

I’ve heard numerous Paleo types suggest that organic dairy is important. I assume that means that what the cow ate will have an effect upon the nutritional profile of the milk given and that has an effect on the nutritional profile of the final dairy product. How much of an effect, I don’t know, but I can appreciate the logic of the idea.

I do tend to try to get good quality dairy products. Sometimes they are more available than others and location probably matters quite a lot in what’s available. But where I tend to notice the difference is more so in the flavor and texture of most of the dairy products. I tend to like the good stuff better.

Others may think differently, and that’s OK. Just sharing what came to mind.


(Ben ) #30

Curds Wrapped in seaweed !!!.

(MelissaH) #31

There are so many clean keto recipes that don’t include dairy. Message me @Sue_2018 if you want and I’ll link you to my Pinterest page. Lots of keto indian cusine on there as well :blush:

(Sue) #32

Please do!

(Bob M) #33

Unless it’s a randomized controlled trial, the data is worthless. And using a topical preparation has no bearing on eating it.

Regarding dairy, there’s also some controversy about A1/A2 proteins, though most of the data is underwritten by advocates of the A2 protein animals.

(Clare) #34

I’m going through this exact discovery right now!! Cheese is a massive problem for me and it’s taken until now for me to finally accept it! :joy: Day 4 of no cheese for lunch…go me!! :cheese::raised_hands:

(Sue) #35

omg! Acceptance is what it is. I was in denial for so long refusing to believe I had a problem with it!

(Clare) #36

Haha me too! I found myself thinking about it when I wasn’t even hungry for cheese! :joy: cheese addiction is a real thing. You’ve accepted it now so you’re halfway there! :smile:

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Hi there, Do you have a link for Shaun Maynar by any chance?

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No, just look on Google for “Shawn Mynar”.