Has anyone tried HLTH code as a keto meal replacement?

(Christopher Bell) #1

I’ve recently purchased this product and have added fat to make the macros keto. I like the taste (which is rare) and was wondering if anybody had any concerns with this product before I order more and use this as a meal replacement once or twice a day.


Hah! I was just logging in here to ask if anybody has tried this product and what it tastes like! I’ve just listened to a really interesting long podcast interview with Ben Bikman, which was very informative and (as a side-effect) happened to pique my interest in his formulation. I’ve looked up how much it would be to order where I am (Australia), and it’s pretty pricey. I don’t mind paying for good quality products, but if I get a bag and it tastes blergh, I wouldn’t be too happy - I hate waste.

I’m curious as to why you feel the need to add fat - Professor Bikman has specifically formulated the product to an ideal ratio of fat:protein.

Anyway, to answer your question and maybe reassure you a bit, you might want to listen to this podcast where he specifically talks about many interesting subjects, including all things insulin, macro ratios, the keto community’s overblown fears of gluconeogenesis from higher protein intake and insulin “spikes” from certain forms of protein, amongst other things (whey and protein shakes and such are discussed from around 42:22 onwards):


It’s very much keto already, almost 30g of both fat and protein. That said, this may even be more of a screw job than Keto Chow was. It’s a Whey blend with a hint of multivitamin, some digestive enzymes and some added buzzwords like MCT and ACV. $60 for a bag of 15 meals??? I get a 5lb tub of my whey blend protein powder for $57, has 67 servings, I take a multi anyways, it already has digestive enzymes, and I can throw a scoop of MCT powder in there if I need to. 15 meals vs 67. You tell me… I like Bikman, but he’s clearly gone Berg on this one. That’s price gouging at it’s finest.


That’s way too ■■■■■■■ harsh, man. Geez. Berg… :roll_eyes:

If you look at the full ingredient list, it’s much wider than just cheap whey + multi, and the quality of the ingredients counts (when compared with the downmarket stuff you can buy at supermarkets and bulk “health” stores). Quality ingredients simply cost more. Having listened to Bikman’s explanation of the how and why of the product, based on his research, I trust him to have made careful, deliberate choices in its development.

Plus you’re paying a premium for the convenience of someone carefully formulating and assembling those quality ingredients into a one-scoop-you’re-done product. Some folks are quite happy to pay extra for that. I personally mix up my elaborate, multi-ingredient protein shakes for breakfast myself, to carefully control what goes in my body, even though it is fiddly (albeit delicious, and works for me) and of course it’s cheaper that way. But now and again I wouldn’t mind throwing money at someone I trust in exchange for the convenience.


Ol fair enough, I like Bikman to much, I went below the belt with the Berg comment😂

BUT, even then, its still at its heart a whey blend thats 5x what it should cost. A handful of stuff thrown in that makes it a “meal” doesnt excuse that. Paying for convenience is one thing, getting screwed is another. $5/meal? C’mon! You could replicate that yourself, sure with a little bit of work that could be pre done ahead of time, and pay 1/4 of that.

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I’m not sure this is the subject but I’m enjoying Green Chef keto option. The only thing I can say is that the each meal is around the full carbs for the day so I only ate half of a meal. That would not be sufficient for some of you bigger fellas

(Christian Hirose Romeo Graham/廣瀬 グラハム クリスティン 路美男) #7

“Meal replacement” is a misnomer. More like “meal emergency”. Only time it comes handy is when there’s no real food available, or when someone’s debilitated to the point where they can’t eat solid foods. But even then, it should just be a very temporary solution.

(Laurie) #8

I agree. It would be fine once in a while, but not for 2 meals a day. Eat real food if possible. Good luck!