Has anyone ever accidentally fasted?


(Bradley Chamberlin) #1

I accidentally fasted the other day. I sat down at around 8pm and suddenly realized I hadn’t had anything to eat that day. It was a very busy day, but none the less, I had plenty of energy, and eating never even crossed my mind. When I realized I hadn’t had any food, i just decided to keep the fast going another day. Has anybody else accidentally gone an entire day without eating?


My second week of Keto, I was on a trip for work and had to drive around a lot. I ate some cheese and pepperoni one morning for breakfast, and ended up forgetting about lunch. When my flight got delayed I didn’t get home until about 11pm and didn’t want to cook anything so I just went to bed. Woke up the next day and I felt great so I skipped that lunch too and finally decided to eat at dinner time because my wife made some delicious keto creamy chicken. It was one the most amazing feelings I’ve ever had and helped me realize keto is something I want to do for the rest of my life. No cravings, no ugly symptoms, no chains of having to eat every few hours. Total fast was somewhere around 36 hours.

(Scott Shillady) #3

It’s a wonderful thing a great sign that you are fat adapted

(Jason Webb) #4

Every extended fast I’ve done(3+ days) has started because life got busy and I didn’t stop to eat. After the 24 hr mark I usually just decide to see how long I want to take it.

(Larry Lustig) #5

Yes, meant to make a quick stop at McDonald’s for a double double cheeseburger order but ran out of time and didn’t eat for the entire day (making it more like a 36 hour fast including the nights on both ends).

A second time a week ago when I had to go out of town overnight for a funeral. Wound up eating very little the first day and nothing the second day.


Happens all the time…when traveling, when busy at work, when schedules change last minute, etc. The best part though is that when I eventually do sit down to eat, I don’t overeat…there is no “extra food compensation” for fasting. Awesome!

(No I'm not mad - that's just my face) #7

Yep! Usually when I’m busy at work. I can tell I’m realllllly fat adapted when I’m at work thinking I should eat dinner at 11pm but my next thought is “eh… do I really want to waste 1/2 an hour on this?”

(Angela Przybylski) #8

Today I did 18+ hours without even meaning to. I did have a fatty coffee this morning, but other than water there was nothing. My daughter and I even went out to a pancake place for breakfast with family and I very happily didn’t order anything and was never tempted to steal anything from my daughter’s plate! Following that, I went to Crossfit and did the whole workout just fine! We finally got home from our business and I did the math and it was somewhere around 18 hours. HOW COOL!!! and not once was I hungry!! I did have lunch too and I wasn’t really hungry at dinner time either. Love seeing signs that things are working!


I’ve accidentally gone a few hours over normal meal time, but I still tend to get hungry. I can’t imagine going all day and realizing.