Has an Anti-Aging sub-forum ever been suggested?


Although I consider myself very much in that circle, it hit me the other day it also fits with a LOT of keto’rs. Aside from the obvious of loosing fat, getting healthy etc we strive to reverse diseases that “can’t” be reversed, look younger, prevent diseases typically associated with getting older, autophagy to get rid of old messed up cells, tighten and bring back youthful skin during/post weight loss etc. In a nutshell most of use are trying to turn back our biological clocks in one way or the other. May be a good fit!

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I’ve never seen such a suggestion before, but we can take it under advisement. Do you have some thoughts on how this category would be differentiated from the other categories in the Health forum? Can you give us an idea of what kind of demand you are seeing for such a category? And have you been seeing threads that would benefit from being moved into such a category? These are the kinds of questions we ask when considering such a change, and your input would be very helpful.

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I support this suggestion. David Sinclair, Rhonda Patrick, Attia … are clearly on the low carbs side, and their work is related to longevity.


I think the standout would simply be that a sub forum would be directly targeted at many of the benefits that many are going after and getting indirectly from keto aside from weight loss and health. The biggest one I think I see here is skin, which to me is a huge one. Many times it’s in the context of fear of loose skin after a ton of weight loss, but much of it is also how much younger someone looks as they progress, which will trigger other things to me. We’ve all seen the pics of people that literally pull 10+yrs off themselves, and then they’re motivated to keep going but to continue directly with something like getting rid of some more wrinkles, or how can I improve my crackly joints or get into a physical condition to allow me to work out again or run a 10k or something to that effect starts to veer off course a little from mainstream weight loss or disease management discussion. I think we’re all bio-hackers to a certain degree with most of us throwing out all mainstream “wisdom” to do what WE know is better for us. Like @Arbre said, Many of the heavy hitters in our space are very much about longevity, which goes hand in hand with anti-aging as does Keto itself. We’re all about the same end goal, slow the clock, be healthier, not succumb do disease and let’s be realistic, at SOME level, we’re all a LITTLE vain. Just a more targeted chat for those interested. Nobody ever says… What can I do to look older… LOL.