Happy keto Mothers Day

(Shanda) #1

From one mom to all the others, just wanted to wish all of you a Happy candy free Mothers day! :grin:

(Patricia) #2

Thanks! Happy Mother’s Day to you, too! I will have a Slim Fast caramel fat bomb. That is my candy.


Happy Mother’s Day to you too, Shanda! Enjoy your day!

My husband is grilling “tandori” chicken and seek kabobs. :blush:

(Karen) #4

Happy Mother’s Day. If you are not a mother, I know you had one, so enjoy the day.

Enjoying coffee with bit of sweetener.
Baby bunny outside my window.

(Susan) #5

Happy Mother’s Day to all of the mom’s on this forum =). @Shanda and all of the other mom’s too --God Bless you all – hugs to all too =)).