Happy Holidays all : )


Life and work have been a bit mad, but I’m still keeping on with the Keto : )

Wanted to drop in and say Hi, wish everyone happy holidays. Hope you’re all well!

Went to the work xmas party at the start of the month, had a drink or 6, didn’t slip back into my old ways afterwards. So that’s a win : )

(Bob M) #2

That is a win!


That’s a win!
Happy Holidays to you too!!

(Marianne) #4

Happy holidays!

(Robin) #5

Actually that’s a huge win, in my book! 6 would lead to infinity and beyond.

(Shannon) #6

Glad to see you back! Happy Holidays! I’m probably going to cheat a bit with food tomorrow, but I’m determined to get back on track right after. Here’s to not slipping back to old ways.


I almost said “I’ll drink to that” :sweat_smile::rofl:

(Shannon) #8

I know, I almost did that beers emoji, but decided against it!