Hands feel different and better

(Ben Davis) #1

After nearly a year on keto, I’ve been noticing my hands just feel different and somehow better. My palms feel smoother and “younger” I suppose I’d call them. When I interlace my fingers and set them on a desk or my lap, they just feel like they fit together easier and more smoothly. I guess it could be because they are thinner and my skin is healthier?

I wanted to post this because it has been something I’ve been regularly noticing that’s positive and wanted to know if anyone else has noticed the quality of the skin on their hands has changed and improved?


I don’t think I really notice a change in the skin on my hands, but my facial skin is better. And I have much less general irritation all over.

The biggest change in my hands is that they don’t ache like they used to. (Never officially diagnosed, but I believe I have arthritis is numerous joints, something that runs in my family.) And I can wear my wedding ring again.

Oh, and interlacing fingers with my husband is MUCH more comfortable, probably a result of us both having slimmer fingers now.

(Bacon, Not Stirred) #3

I have rosacea. Badly. To the point that my skin actually will slough off, and water hurts my face. Well, it WAS that severe. I still have visible rosacea, but now I can enjoy my formerly painful long, hot showers. My skin isn’t peeling off. It’s like I have a whole new person’s face! It’s fantastic!

I have noticed that my fingers are becoming visibly thinner. It’s interesting.