Hands down best keto prepared burger, In N Out


In n Out “protein style” was the best “keto prepared” burger since going keto.

The lettuce coverage and wrapping and preparation, was as if a bun was there. I haven’t been able to eat a burger with my hands like this for a long time. Well done In-N-Out.

In my current home state Zombie burger does a good job, but they basically make a salad of it.

(Mark) #2

They have another option that I eat called the Flying Dutchman, and if you aren’t in California they do have a location in Las Vegas if you ever go there for a visit,most of the other Burger places I have tried the bunless Burger and the meat just doesn’t taste right without all that sweet bun and sauces covering up the taste of the low quality meat so IN-N-OUT is the only place I go for a bunless Burger or just make them at home,found a butcher who will grind me a higher fat content ground beef,which gives it a good flavor but if I’m out and about I grab a couple flying dutcmans, I’ll have to admit I do miss the animal style fries I grew up eating,but I’m slowly learning to make smarter food choices,and fueling my body with what makes me perform best,being a responsible adult sucks sometimes, it’s funny how food can make you nostalgic,I think back on the good times hanging out at IN-N-OUT eating double doubles and animal fries with my friends and trying to get the numbers of the pretty girls behind the counter who worked there,good times

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Y’all should post your tips to the Eating Out wiki!


I love In-n-Out! We always eat there when in So Cal. I wish they would open in more states, specifically Washington.

(suzanna) #5

Oh god, me too! First place I hit when I cross into California is “in and out!”

(Tom Seest) #6

I enjoyed In N Out when I bicycled from Santa Barbara to Mexico.

We don’t have them near us.