Halloween - time to trick or treat or crafts


(Troy) #1


Thought this was pretty neat-o :grinning:
A neighbor made this Mcgyver-ish Thing a ma bob

Social Distance Candy Dispenser

What say you?

Staying in?

Handing out treats?

Family games?

Scare children ?

Pretending not home, hide – lights out :joy:

What ever you do
Be safe

(Laurie) #2

Pretending not home, as always.

In our community, houses that are handing out treats have a pumpkin out front.


Lights out.
Our county is seeing a big increase in cases of COVID-19, the majority are in the teen years, the ones who hit our neighborhood, so we aren’t giving out anything and will be lights out. We usually play spooky toons and our house is pretty popular, but not this year.

(Allie) #4

Ignoring the door knocks as usual, I don’t tend to invite people to my home so anyone uninvited has no chance.


It’s not a big thing in my country, I never ever see anyone trick or treating but as I am more than 3 km from the nearest village on the top of a hill, people are rare sights… I didn’t see a person (except my SO who I am living with) since days. The weather is bad so I didn’t even walk, I miss that.

But if I go out, people want to give me a lift all the time (for some reason, they always think I walk because I don’t have a vehicle… I am surrounded with forests, a wildlife park, a big pond…) so social distancing isn’t very prevalent here either.

Covid cases are numerous now, I live in Europe but people are somewhat tired about it. They are pretty bad at wearing masks in buildings (well in stores where it’s mandatory, they simply don’t use it when not, like in a church, I attended a nice concert with bells as intruments lately). I don’t know much more about it as I don’t read Hungarian articles anymore and don’t meet people. Choir meetings are still out of question (well someone did ask… :D), the leader is careful. The others (mostly older women) would be in, they miss singing.

I will carve something though, just for us :slight_smile: Probably apples :smiley:
We don’t eat sugar. But I may make sweets. Or not-sweets. Once I made black olive spiders :slight_smile: That’s nice on top of my eggs. I love spiders, my house is full with them, living and huge plastic ones alike.
Every day is Halloween to me :slight_smile:

I definitely paint Halloween themed rocks.

I got carried away a bit but it’s Halloween, it’s a wonder I didn’t write zillion times more.

(UsedToBeT2D) #6

It time to stop the door to door tradition part of Halloween, not solely because of Covid, there are just too many risks anymore, from people to food.

(I admin it, that’s a terrible pun.) #7

This person’s not only treating the kids, but the parents too!

(Susan) #8

We will be doing Halloween like usual for us. However, having said that --we usually get a maximum of 20 children and they start early and end early (between 6:30pm -8pm) then I turn out the lights.

Our grand daughter is 4 and is mega excited to Trick or Treat and her mom and auntie will be taking her on our street and the next street over and she is going to be Sally from “A Nightmare before Christmas” and most of the houses she is going to are our neighbours who we have been conversing with, talking to and my kids have been swimming in their pools and partying with during all this Lock-down anyway… and none of us has had Covid. My grand daughter goes to JK daily on the school bus and has been fine; so she has more chance picking it up via all that interaction I think.

She wears her mask all day --only removing it for the two Lunch breaks that the children have, or to have a drink of water (they are allowed to have their water bottle on their desks all day and put the mask down for drinking throughout the day).

Safety wise (besides the Covid issues) we have lived in this house for 22 years and know all the people in the houses where my girls will be going with her.

(Edith) #9

I would soooo do this, except we live on an isolated cul-de-sac that has no street lights. No one ever comes to our house except the neighbor kids. That’s about three.