Hair loss after 2 years Keto?


I hope I’m putting this question in the right place?
I’ve been Keto for 2 years. The first year I was just Keto. In my second year I’ve become carnivore. In my first year of Keto I did not experience hair loss. In fact my hair grew thicker and more lustrous.
I didn’t have a problem until this past summer. But as I moved into the fall my hair started to thin. It was falling badly by Christmas. I got a haircut and the lady cutting my hair commented about my hair being thin and fine.
I know hair loss is a thing with Keto. But why now 2 years later? I’m really confused? I already supplement with magnesium, potassium and just started taking calcium.

Hair Loss on Keto, please help
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How long ago did you switch to carnivore?

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Stress can trigger it also. I experienced it last year during the lockdown and layoffs at work. I started supplementing biotin again and the loss stopped and I am getting some new growth now.

Good luck - is very distressing to pull out hair every time you wash it.

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Oh, and it takes a couple of months to see results from the biotin so don’t give up


Around the middle of 2020. I just found eating carnivore so easy for me.
I do have an occasional vegetable now and then.


Thanks for the suggestion :blush:
I will definitely give the biotin a try

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It seems like the timing of the hair loss fits with your change in diet. The diet change causes your hair to go into the rest phase and after it’s
been resting for a few months, it falls out and the new hairs begin to grow.

It could be that the hair loss was just from your change in diet and that by mid year you will see a bunch of new hairs growing in.

But, make sure you are eating enough on carnivore to ensure you are getting all the nutrients you need.


Thank you :pray:


While you are waiting, I love this stuff to make the hair around the hairline and part look thick. It is widely available, I used to buy it at Walmart. I have not used it in a while as I have been letting my grey grow out.

I changed my mind about that! I will be dyeing it again and when I do I will be going back to this stuff. If you try it, make sure to get a lighter shade than you think you will need.


I have had a lot of hair loss, and at 2.5 years in, it still hasn’t come back, but it isn’t falling out anymore. My hair doesn’t feel “healthy”. Half of it is about 5 or 6 inches long now, while the rest is about 8 inches below my shoulders. Strange.

I’ve begun taking two drops of J. Crow’s Lugol’s solution 2%. It may help with my hair, but if not, I think it will be good for my body. I’m not one to take huge amounts, but I’m sure two drops is safe.

Let us know if you find something that works. Using Biotin supplements didn’t help me, but I have heard others have had great results with it.

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I’ve been noticing lately that my hairline has receded quite a bit since I started a ketogenic diet. Well, it’s not a disaster; given how early in life my maternal grandfather (the one who’s supposed to be your predictor) went bald—I’m just glad I still have any hair at all. But from various things I’ve noticed, I suspect that eating keto has caused my testosterone level to rise over the last couple of years, and testosterone is supposed to be part of the reason for male pattern baldness . . . so good news/bad news, I guess.

(Of course, this is different from what the OP is experiencing, but I thought it still fit the topic somewhat.)

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I have a mid shaft breakage problem or had a mid shaft breakage problem cos it isnt so much of an issue at the mo. I bought some hair growth serum off the net and it definitely works. I popped some on my scalp in the thinning areas and i have hair growth. More so than before i used it. In fact the new growth is a bit of a pain in the preverbial because its whispy bits which are obviously so much shorter than the rest of my hair. I know it will steady out as it grows more and i shouldn’t grumble cos it is definitely new growth.

I think the reduction in the mid shaft breakage is possibly due to starting Keto and also that i no longer use shampoo to wash my hair, instead i now just rinse with water. Totally ‘poo’ free! I havent washed it with shampoo since mid august and no longer suffer with an itchy scalp which drove me insane and i used to scratch till i almost took the skin off! Not sure i will ever go back to using shampoo.

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Your hair loss may be just cyclical. I know I experience hair loss every 2-3 years or so. This last time was horrendous and very alarming. It lasted a long time. Thankfully, it has resolved. I hope this is your case as well.

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Hair loss can be a result of age. In women, that age could be 30, 40, menopause, or older, depending on the person.

I’d also like to point out that what works for one person won’t work for another, and in fact can cause further loss or damage. So go ahead and experiment, but if some remedy doesn’t seem to be working, it probably isn’t.

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That’s interesting because my husband’s hair has thinned noticeably after 3 years on keto. I used to give him testosterone shots but stopped after keto and now his t-levels are in the normal range. Low side of normal but much better than before keto.

I never knew there might be a connection. His poor brother went bald in his 30’s so at age 58 he is happy to have what he still has!

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Check out DMDM hydantoin in your hair care products. There’s a class action lawsuit against Treseme because it’s causing hair loss. It’s in many products. I tossed the mousse, shampoo and conditioners with it.

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@Janie I haven’t seen actual data on it, but the guys who go bald are supposed to have more testosterone than us lesser mortals. Granted, the reading I did on the subject was forty or fifty years ago—the thinking may well have changed since then. But I was interested in baldness, because my grandfather went bald in his forties. So did both his sons, but my generation has fared a bit better.

But I did make two promises to myself and the universe, should it come to that: (1) No comb-over! and (2) No cheap toupée—either go proudly bald or buy the best hairpiece money could buy!


Are you tracking what you eat? If I load my crononmeter up with a 2000 calorie day of Carnivore eating (steak, eggs, bacon, ground beef etc) I’m still coming in low on a lot of stuff.


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This thread has all kinds of good info on what causes hair loss and what you can do about it. I lost a lot when I started fasting, doing lots of fasts. You body will use nutrition for essentials first, like heart muscle, etc. hair and nails, not really essential to survival, so they come last. My hair grew back better than ever, I did cut back on fasting a tad bit and made sure I feasted on the days I was not fasting, upped my protein a tad bit. But everyone is different.

Hair Loss on Keto, please help

I had thought about trying the lugols iodine too.