Gymnastic Rings

(Vladaar Malane) #1

I just ordered these to hang in my garage. Gonna try to incorporate it into my work out program. I know I’m not ready for anything serious with them yet, but I’ve been reading that even beginners should go ahead and start with them and build up strength with the basic moves.

(Empress of the Unexpected) #2

In my Amazon cart!! Could barely do rings when I was in third grade but more than willing to try again.

(Vladaar Malane) #3

I installed my rings in the garage. Problems I ran into were my ceiling height was only 8 feet high. Which sucks for doing over top ring work. But I’m a novice yet, so good enough for me to master the basics first. Then I can take it to a tree limb or something.

Secondly, my drywall on the garage ceiling, yeah they drywalled it, why? I was going to take the drywall off, but found they had insulation under it too, and didn’t seem worth it for maybe 6 extra inches. But I did remove drywall where I connected my hardware directly to the studs. The stupid drywall was over an inch thick when you count the 1/4 inch popcorn ceiling paint they put on it. LoL.

It’s in great now. I just want to pick up a horse stall mat from Tractor Supply Company for 40 bucks, which works like a great gym mat in case I bust my head. LoL.

I’ll try to attach a picture here.

Messy garage. LoL.