Gym Achievement Award

(Rebecca) #1

At the beginning of April I joined Anytime Fitness in Gungahlin and started Personal Training (PT) sessions. (I have joined many gyms in the past and always started out strong by going regularly but after a few months lost motivation and stopped). My start goal was to loose 10kg & get me down to 85kg (with a goal of total weight loss of 20kg) and get stronger. I have never been able to do a pull up so that is one of my goals as well.

I struggled at first being exhausted all the time because of the old roster I was on for work, but kept going, I did have a slack period where I only went a few times in a month, but because my fantastic trainer kept tabs on me it motivated me to get back to the gym on other days besides those where I had PT.

My trainer kept me motivated by mixing up my work outs not just with my PT sessions but also with the programs he said for me to do on my own, and has always provided a great deal of encouragement.

The gym ran a 12 week challenge which started in September I thought this was a great way to keep me motivated, with the start of the challenge I thought it was a good time to sort out my diet as well so I started back eating Primal (similar to Paleo).

At the start of the challenge I was weighed, measurement were taken (6 in total) and I did a fitness test. My starting stats were:
Weight: 94kg
Chest: 111cm (I won’t list them all)
Hips: 116cm
Waist: 92cm
Squat Test: 19 in a minute.

The first month my weight was a bit up and down and then I discovered the Ketogenic diet, I started eating Keto and things got a lot easier with my eating and weight loss.

Week 6 we were assessed again.
Weight: 89kg - 5kg loss
Chest: 109cm - 4cm loss
Hips: 111cm - 5cm loss
Waist: 89cm - 3cm loss
Measurement loss for all 6 - 21.5cm
Squat Test: 33 in a minute.

Week 12 Final Assessment.
Weight: 86.4kg - 2.6kg loss Total = 7.6
Chest: 102cm - 7cm loss Total = 11
Hips: 110cm - 1cm loss Total = 6
Waist: 86cm - 3cm loss Total = 6
Measurement loss for all 6 - 12.5cm Total = 34cm
Squat Test: 43 in a minute.

To say I was happy with these results is an understatement.

We concluded the 12 week challenge with a final boot camp run by Shannon Ponton which was fantastic.

Since the end of the challenge I have now reached my first goal of 85kg.

I got a phone call today from my trainer asking me to pop into the gym, when I did he presented me with an award for Top Female Achiever for The 2016 Anytime Fitness Gungahlin 12 Week Challenge.

The people I need to thank for getting me this far are:
Chippy Lo my awesome trainer,
Aaron Murdoch (& other trainers) for running fantastic boot camps,
everyone who participated in the challenge for their encouragement throughout the 12 weeks &
2ketodudes for showing me how easy eating for weight loss is on a keto diet.

I don’t think I have ever written a post this long before but I really wanted to share my achievements.

Photos are start of the challenge, end of the challenge, with Shannon Ponton after the bootcamp (hence the red face) & with trainer Chippy Lo and my achievement award.

(AnnaLeeThal) #2

That is amazing progress! Congrats!

(Jacquie) #3

Faboo you! :grinning: Bet you’re on a great high!


Fabulous story! You must feel amazing.

(joievawter) #5

Fantastic results! What an exciting time in your life that will keep you going for years to come. Congrats!!