Gut Bacteria - sleep at the same time all week

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Don’t read the terrible info at the bottom of the page. It’s the usual dietary guides.

Sleep, Gut Bacteria and ‘Social Jetlag’

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I’ll have to see the original study to have any real opinion, but this write-up seems to be a bit over the top. I always start to tune out when there are lots of conditional verbs (“could”, “might,” and the like). It means they are reporting an epidemiological study, and it’s pretty much guaranteed that N is low, the effect size is small, and the statistical significance isn’t as great as the researchers think. In this case, the researchers are noticing a change in the composition of intestinal bacteria as sleep patterns vary. But is it established that such variations are significant? For what conditions do they think that the composition of the bacteria is a good marker?

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n=1: As a control I might have followed the link while I could spare a moment to do so. But your comments directly caused a reduction in interest. Endpoint.


“The relationship between sleep, diet and gut bacteria is complicated and there is still a lot more to find out, the research team says.”
This quote is directly from the study and sums it up quite well. Gut health as I have previously suggested, will be the new health craze in the next 5 years. Sleep is very important and for anybody who has gone to counselling or is in counselling, the first thing they suggest you do is to go to bed and wake up at the same time every day.

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I dunno about jetlag, but I can attest that my gut health is very important to me, and feel antibiotics do way more damage than we realize. For instance I hear all kinds of complaints on this board about the difficulty of digesting food, gas, bloating etc until a carnivore diet is adopted. Then there are lots of complaints about essentially oxalate poisoning. There is actually a bacteria called Oxalobacter s. which most mammals have which can also thrive in humans. It metabolizes oxalates. The thing is - it is quite sensitve to antibiotics, so most people in the US probably no longer have any, as just about everyone gets prescribed antibiotics. So, it shouldn’t be a huge surprise that lots of people seem to get stones and buildups of oxalates. A lot of people now get food allergies because they lack certain bacteria - this is lots of peanut allergies now. I dread having to take any antibiotics anymore - they mess me up far too often.


Definitely true, social jet lag is real. Anybody that’s tracked sleep for a long amount of time would agree. If you start bouncing around with either sleep or wake times, you’ll see the difference in your REM and Deep sleep, even if you get the same amount of hours total. You can get away with losing some REM a couple of times, then it catches up, but once you’re losing deep sleep you feel it everywhere else, you start getting the famous 2pm crash, memory isn’t right, if you work out you’ll feel the recovery hit. I (try) to be as close to my normal schedule on the weekends as I can for that reason, even though I can get MORE sleep on those days.

Smart Alarms are also amazing for not having you wake up like a zombie.

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Until you get older like me and get up between 5:30 am and 6:00 am … every freaking day. Even when on vacation. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I did sleep in until 6:45 am or so, but that was after a later night out. Normally, though, I’m up by 5:45 am at the latest.

Edit: My wife has an alarm where it slowly lights up, then produces a nice-sounding alarm at the alarm time.

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Same time everyday. Wake with the light. Very natural :slight_smile:


My SO would love to get up at 5am (he actually needs it on workdays)… But he wakes up before 4 sometimes and can’t go back to sleep :frowning: I doubt he ever wakes up after 6, not even on his mandatory 3 week holiday but it’s fine, he is an early one.

I NEED my sacred 3am-6am sleep time, if I miss it either side, I will get a zombie day. And my usual morning zombieness is more than enough (I am not a morning person at all)… Anyway, I just refuse to get up when it’s dark outside (without an extremely good and very occasional reason) and it’s the case at 6am in some part of the year.
I have alarms (properly soft ones) but IDK why, it’s not like they are particularly effective… Sounds rarely have the power to wake me up if my body isn’t ready for it. Just the lil annoying dog lately, that always do the trick.


My typical is 03:00-03:30 and on weekends 5. The smart alarms will wake you up right when you start a new sleep cycle before you go into deep sleep again. Sounds like BS, but works awesome! Only time I’d recommend people not doing it us if they don’t have a tracker to at least watch movement and heart rate. They have ones that’ll use Sonar and just normal microphone to attempt to figure it out, but that’s not even a good guess IMO.