Great graphic from Ted Naiman

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Love Dr. Busmen and his graphics :+1::heart:


I like that term: “glucose refusal mode”…awesome!

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Yes, this is why I went to Dr Ted for a physical in Oct, 2016. I was keto/very low carb for almost two years, yet my fasting blood glucose seemed high (100-120). I was worried.

He measured insulin, which came out very low (~3; below 7 is good). So the HOMA-IR was an acceptable number, see the graphic example above. Very comforting! Nothing to worry about.

I rarely meet anyone, even diabetics, who have had their insulin measured and know the number. They go mainly by fbg, which is only half the story. More people should get insulin measured as part of their yearly blood panel.

My other blood panel numbers came back excellent (plus a zero CAC score). This is at age 60, w/ family history of diabetes and heart disease (father died at 64, diabetes, cancer, heart attacks).

So I’m convinced that this diet plus prudent exercise is the magic cure (OK, the ancestral formula, actually). And I have referred many people to Dr Ted, simply a magician.

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I just came across HOMA (Homeostatic Model Assessment of Insulin Resistance) and very interested in it. I wonder if anyone reading here knows much about it. My question would be about the fasting insulin # as I understand that can be quite variable. How does that play into the accuracy of this formula?

I too have a higher than normal fasting blood glucose and have had for years of being keto. Just this year had a fasting insulin done and my measure in this formula is about 1.6 which tells me that I have more work to do. Here is a link to some quick info…

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I just came across this thread and wondered if there is any way to home-test insulin like we can with blood glucose. Did some searching and unfortunately I’m not finding that it’s available. It’d be nice if blood glucose meters had this option. In my searches I ran across this article which is interesting and further explains the reason for knowing insulin vs blood glucose.

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I wish there was a at home test for insulin too. I would love to know how my numbers change with various foods and other inputs.

A great little book ‘Diabetes Epidemic and You’ by Dr. Joseph Kraft. He is the ‘expert’ when it comes to insulin in my opinion.

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Supposedly, such home testing is being developed. One of Jimmy Moore’s guests talked about it a while back. Probably will be a good while yet though.

And then, how expensive will it be, and how accurate … ?

Personally, I can hardly wait though.