Grain type ingredients help

(chad) #1

So what’s the reasoning behind not eating any grain kind of ingredients. I don’t mean like just eating bread. I mean more like eating a low carb wrap or this zero carb bread. Does it affect your blood sugar or is it more about the inflammatory effects?

If your just trying to lose weight and not really looking for the other health benefits shouldn’t these kind of things be ok??

(Graci) #2

I can only speak of my own experience, for me grains cause both cravings and inflammation…both rather quickly. I once read something to the effect of… if you cut all grains from your daily diet, your craving for sugar will naturally disappear. This is true for me.

(Full Metal Keto) #3

Gluten is one of those things that causes inflammation in many people’s bodies at varying levels. Some are seriously messed up by it (celiac disease) and others just get bloat, irritated digestive tract or headaches that they never associated with eating wheat products until they stopped.

The bread might work okay for you if you feel you need that to be able to stay with eating keto at 0 net. The tortillas are definitely a waste of 5g. of carbs (1/4 of what your limit should be) that should be used on fresh vegetables or incidental high fat dairy carbs, eggs, and bacon. These offer some nutrition. Would you only eat one tortilla in a day?

I’m not going to tell you that you can’t eat these foods and make a keto diet work. But they are processed foods and I am trying to eliminate that from my diet, so I wouldn’t eat them. I hear that bread is fairly pricey, there’s been a couple of threads about that before. :cowboy_hat_face:

(Polly) #4

I agree with @BeStill Graci and @David_Stilley. I avoid industrially produced processed foods for all sorts of reasons including not wanting to eat industrial seed oils, hidden sugars, or any grains.

For me all grains trigger arthritic pain and foggy thinking (which I think is linked to thyroid issues) and are best avoided. I discovered that I was better without bread made by the Chorley Wood method about 15 years ago but even the artisan bread and home made sour dough bread were cast aside about 7 years ago. After wheat, the other grains followed in quick succession and I have been joint pain free ever since.

Whether these wraps work for you is for you to decide. However, as a word of warning there may be more carbs than are declared on the nutrition panel because they are allowed to allocate a serving size and round down.

(Chris Wolfgram) #5

Impo, as long as it has zero net carbs, it will be fine. I’m not doubting the individuals who have different issues with inflammation, brainfog, etc. But that’s a personal thing.
Same with artificial sweeteners, non-organic produce, farm raised salmon, and steroid fed beef :wink:
For me, it’s dirty keto all the way !

Something’s going to kill me no matter what I eat, but by keeping my carbs super low, trying not to go too crazy on the lean proteins, and pumping up the fats, I feel great today :slightly_smiling_face:

And BTW, I’ve had Fibromyalgia for 32 years… Knocked my symptoms way down during my fitness craze from 2010-2015. But they had started to get a little worse for the 4 years since my back injury. Since doing keto for about 6 weeks now, those symptoms seem to be decreasing again, and my back seems to be less prone to messing up on me… That could be at least partly because I’ve lost 25 lbs too though.


I noticed one of those labels has ingredients that are a bunch of refined wheat products with (I guess) fiber added back in. This doesn’t have the same net effect as an intact grain where the body has to digest its way to get to the carby stuff.

When in doubt, try it.

(Carl Keller) #7

Eating healthy is going to improve your overall health whether you want it or not. The more single item, non processed, whole foods you eat, the better your hormones and metabolism will function and the easier it becomes to lose weight and keep it off.

Eating this stuff occasionally probably won’t doom you but you are most likely better off sticking to real food.

(It's all about the bacon, baby) #8

@Bruno77 I’ve got nothing to add to the advice here. You’ve been well-informed, so you’re in good shape to make up your mind how to proceed. It would be great to know what you end up doing, and what the results are, if you do decide to try these products. Every bit of information is useful.

(chad) #9

I’m going to try them I did keto for about 3-4 months and lost about 30ish lbs. Was going good but a few vacations in a row kinda set me back because I didn’t try to maintain. I’m not looking to eat this stuff all the time. More so just to have a hot dog with a bun every now and again or a real taco with a wrap. The sugar is pretty easy for me to give up and I eat mostly meat and veggies. I think using these low or zero carb ish grain items will help fill a couple of cravings with out messing me up to much.

I plan to try the zero carb hot dog bun tonight. Guess I’ll see how things go

(chad) #10

And thanks everyone for the advice and info