Governmental response to Covid-19, Sweden, etc

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Our governor is holding off moving to Phase 2 reopening since there has been a increase in cases. Many restaurants have stayed closed to dine-in because not worth it for 30% capacity limit. I don’t blame them.

We had a new bed delivered today - 22-yo select comfort sleep number bed still good, but wanted to upgrade. We moved it to the guest bedroom in the basement which was an upgrade for company also.

They had masks on, of course. They noticed we did not. One guy kept his on the entire time - the other took his off. We would have worn our masks if they asked us to.

Hardly anyone here wears a mask to the stores anymore. Traffic is normal. Drive-thrus are packed since a lot of dining in still closed.

Weekend after this one we will be driving to Austin. Then the following week I will be driving to Ft Worth for my second business trip since the first week in March. Gradually getting some normalcy back as states slowly reopen.

None of our chemical plants in N America have had ANY cases of COVID and they run 24/7 and have been through this whole pandemic. Our plant in Ft Worth just set an all-time shipping record in May and still a few days left in the month.

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What about suicide?


I’m wondering about the other non-COVID deaths as well. A close family friend was in Manhattan and was shattered by the shutdown. She wasn’t in great health to begin with but the isolation hit her really hard, and she passed away a few weeks ago. She had been active enough to go out regularly with friends daily and went into a steep decline when she was confined to her apartment.

I’m not questioning the wisdom of a lockdown in Manhattan. In fact if I think if anything it should have happened earlier in NYC. But I do think that as we tally deaths, there are probably many that should be added to the lockdown side of the ledger (and there’s a lot of other devastation on that side already…).

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A study last month found that only 7.3% of Stockholm’s inhabitants had developed Covid-19 antibodies by the end of April

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Maybe you need to read a bit deeper into what Tegnell in fact said rather than the trash the Guardian reported. He was apparently admitting that they hadn’t done enough to shield care homes and their residents and not that the overall policy was wrong. Also that ridiculous one week statistic is …well ridiculous.


That was the policy though. They set themselves one task - protect the elderly/vulnerable - and they failed. They admit that they failed.

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“Norway and Denmark announced last week that they were dropping mutual border controls but would provisionally exclude Sweden from a Nordic “travel bubble” because of its much higher coronavirus infection rate.”

Also clearly making their governmental policies up after reading The Guardian.

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Any reason other than you don’t like it? Made up figures, maybe? Wrong countries compared? Poor color choices?


What happened to Sweden reminds me of the typical impetuous kid that basically jumps off a cliff without looking.

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So why is the UK right under Sweden when they locked down much more stringent???

And I thought the Swedes were “oh so compliant to government requests so they stayed home and practiced social distancing unlike the independent Americans who wanted their rights preserved”… so which is it? Did they comply or not?

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My belief is that we NEVER needed to socially isolate the healthy population in this country and let the virus run its course. The home care/nursing home patients needed MORE protection than was offered.- the young and healthy - NOT.

I know I know - nobody here shares this view and I am ok with being the voice in the wilderness. Only time will tell who was right, who was wrong and who was partially right. Death rates for the year will tell the tale. Number of cases is dependent on number of tests and if people recover on their own then they don’t need to be counted, just like any other virus or illness.

For a “pandemic” I still can’t name a single person out of nearly a thousand contacts (mostly work) who have had the disease. I guess that contributes to my jadedness. That, and I am healthy now with 2.5 years of keto under my belt and not worried about my own health. I socially distance and wear a mask around the more vulnerable out of respect.



The population of Sweden is 1/6th that of Italy/France/UK yet their death numbers are right up there with the higher population countries.

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Don’t you get tired of touting your opinion all the time?

Think about this - If you were in charge of this country in the beginning of this year and were faced with the decision of what to do with a brand new virus that was completely unknown to the human race and was spreading uncontrollably from the point of discovery and showed the ability to explode and cause rampant death within the human population, would you just “let it run it’s coarse”? Remember, you know nothing about this virus other than it spreads rapidly and doesn’t show signs for a couple weeks. Think outside your box a little bit.


Because the UK made a complete and utter hash of it from the start. Only after it was out of control did they really try to do something but having abandoned the test/trace/isolate system very early on they’ve basically been flying blind.

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So which country do you hold up to being the best of the best in COVID responses?



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Their numbers tell the story. They went early and relatively hard. Early action that includes testing/tracing/isolating seems to work well.

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Yeah, she’s made that pretty clear in recent weeks. “It’s mostly only killing unproductive old people.”

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You post about this an awful lot for someone who doesn’t even seem to know the very basics of what’s happening with this worldwide.