Got very hungry at week 6 of Lion Diet


Hello everyone. Question for you all. I started the Lion Diet almost 6 weeks ago - coming from a very low fat vegan diet of 2 years. I’m a 48 year old male. 12% body fat and 148 pounds currently. I want to gain weight. Ideally I’d like to weigh 155-160 while maintaining my body fat more or less the same. I need to eat 2.5 pounds of beef a day to maintain weight. 3 pounds to slowly gain weight. Well these past few days I noticed I got very hungry and 3 pounds of beef was not enough. I ate 3.5 pounds today and honestly I could have done 4 probably. This is fatty ribeye and 20% fat ground beef. Is this normal? I hope this is just my body wanting to put on weight which I feel it needs. I started out at this weight on day one of carnivore after months of trying to heal some mystery GI pain by doing vegan diets that didn’t work. Also after almost 6 weeks I kinda feel out of it all day. Like A brain fog/tired feeling. I assume I still am not fat adapted and maybe that’s why. I hear 3 months is the goal to feeling good so I hope by then I’ll feel great or better. I know…loaded post but was just hoping for clarity from those who have gone the distance.


perfectly normal for many of us in our lifetyle change to zc.

eat all you need at all times.

3 mos. is no magic number. Your time will be your personal time for big changes and most times it is more like 6 mos. on this lifestyle to ‘set in constancy of good benefits’ more as we heal the body inside. The healing of your body ‘takes alot of inside energy’ and can take alot out of a person but in the end, we get thru it and rebound into such better health.

So for your personal adaption and healing changes you are handling, just do what you must. Relax and rest when required, don’t push yourself, eat ALL you need at all times, drink plenty of good ol’ fresh water and let the healing continue and let your body repair and adapt.

When you do get thru ‘to that other side’ you will feel like a whole new person :slight_smile:


I think it’s normal to have hungrier days sometimes, no matter the diet. Humans are like that, I surely am.
And your body even needs a lot of food to gain so it’s good it’s helping :wink:
I see no problem with your bigger appetite - as for being off, yes, I think too that you need time to adapt, change, heal, whatever happens.