Google Photo is Asking if I am the same person. LOL


(jcshrunked) #1

(Susan) #2

Well, you are definitely a new and improved you!! =).

(Wendy) #3

Isn’t that fun? Great job.
I had the opportunity to renew my driver’s license over the phone except I’ve lost 80 pounds since my last one. Oh well, it’s worth it. :joy:

(Lazy, Dirty Keto 😝) #4

I can see why it’s asking! You look great, congrats

(Edith) #5

Amazing job!!


Congrats, and hopefully you said no. Don’t help their creepy AI get any smarter than it already is.

(Elizabeth ) #7

That’s so cool! Congrats!

(Bob M) #8

That’s an amazing amount off your face!

(Susan) #9

Wow! How long did that take you? What was your regimen? Keto or fasting too? You look great!

(Raj Seth) #10

not the same person!! Stop trying to steal that nice guy’s photos and other google cloud cr*p!

Google Police - take note


(jcshrunked) #11

LOL! Good one! :+1:t3:

(jcshrunked) #12

Thanks! It took me 8 months of intermittent fasting and keto. No counting calories and minimal exercise. Avoided carbs and sugars. Started with 16 hr fasts up to 95 hr fasts.