Good Dee's mixes


I made a brownie mix today and it was good! It has 1 net carb per serving… just wondering if anyone else had tried this? I also ordered her corn bread mix… thinking to try and use for cornbread dressing for TG maybe or just with chilie etc.

(Diane) #2

I like the Blondies mix even better than the Brownies. I use this recipe to make Pecan Blondies:

I like it better when I add some low carb sweetener to the cream cheese layer before dolloping it over the top.

(Amy Ramadan) #3

Okay, just reading this post has me wanting something sweet!!! :blush:


my mouth was watering looking at that pic too!! Well, I made the brownies and they are good!! But, I am concerned as the package says 1 net carb… but when I tracked in cronometer it counted 9!! it has several sugar alcohols… I calculated the net carbs and I do come up with 1 once you take out the fiber and sugar alcohol… so what are your thoughts?

(Diane) #5

I don’t count the fiber or erythritol in net carbs (other sugar alcohols I might count differently).

I haven’t had any issues when I’ve made these.


OK. good to know!!

(roxanna) #7

Blondies is my favorite - it’s so good! I prefer the sunflower seed flour mixes to the almond flour ones.


Those brownies are AMAZING!!! Why don’t any of the recipes call for sunflower flower vs. almond coconut etc?? I made another recipe with almond flour and it was not great…

(Diane) #9

These recipes use a combination of different ground seeds (and some have almond meal or flour):

(roxanna) #10

Yes, I would imagine you could sub 1:1 for almond flour. I have made many recipes subbing 1:1 for hazelnut flour!