Going through a lot right now


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You need to curb that impulse




As a nation we are dedicated to keeping physically fit - and parking as close to the stadium as possible.

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So true! Our lazy tendencies amaze me. We moved in January to our first 2 story house, plus a basement. Our bedroom and offices are on the 2nd floor.
I had to make a decision about those stairs. I would NOT put things on the landing, to wait for whomever had to go upstairs first. I decided I will make as many trips to the bedroom and offices as I normally would. Now I even take the stairs two at a time, turning them into lunges, kinda. I look at them like one more piece of exercise equipment. I’ll be 70 in 2 years. Those stairs are a gift to help keep me strong.

I’ll not mention that I missed the last step coming down the other night and took a fall. BUT, I was able to control it and saved my wrists, hips, knees, etc. I shot out into a Superman stance and distributed the impact.

I wish I had a video. It looked hilarious, I’m sure. Like I was body surfing, minus the surf. Air surfing. It’s the latest rage, dontcha know.


Yip, I can mentally picture that!

Many a similar situation like that has happened to me, as a drinker, because the nearest toilet is up the stairs!

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Don’t get me started on my falls when I drank. I have a torn rotator cusp from a fall years go. A nice little reminder, I guess.

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There used to be a cartoon in the newspapers called “Cathy.” One of my favourite strips showed everyone heading for the gym in the elavator and on the escalator, totally ignoring the staircase. Of course, once in the gym they all got on the stair machines, lol!

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Though I did all of that – took the stairs, parked away from the door, etc. – and still gained 90+ pounds, while exercising additionally. It wasn’t until I did Atkins that I lost weight. While reducing exercise.

Now, I’m back up to exercising 4 days a week, but if exercise has anything to do with weight loss, I think it’s due to exercise’s effect on hormones.

(Robin) #10

I also get a kick out of people looking for the closest parking space to the gym! I loved Cathy! That author wrote a great memoir. She got a lot of grief from a surprising group of people.

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How about your version of BASE jumping?

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Yes! I’m a base jumper! I need to update my profile. Thanks!

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I took a bad spill 2 years ago and attribute keto to making me more flexible and not get injured.

I was moving some plastic tubing as part of our watering system. I was on our rough stone steps that go to the meadow about 3 steps from the bottom. The tubing was caught in weeds and I had my back to the steps tugging hard.

Yep. Real stupid. It came loose and I lost my balance falling backwards. Oh CRAP went through my head and I went limp and tucked and covered my head. I rolled down 2 steps and came to rest with my head mashed against the chicken wire we ran between the posts for vines to climb up. My head was at an odd angle so my neck was sore a few days, but nothing broken. It helps being 5’2” as you are closer to the ground LOL.

A week later I was in a hotel room and noticed a really dark, perfectly round bruise about the size of a nickel on one butt cheek. I was like WTF??? Then I remembered I had my channel locks in my back pocket when I fell and it was the size of the hinge bolt! :laughing:


Amazing how these posts progress. Started as a visual pun and now we get some interesting insights.

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I love thread drift!!! I know it annoys some but I enjoy the stream-of-conscience that comes forth


We call this ‘mission creep.’

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I think it’s amazing how we can actually be in the middle of a fall, and yet able to analyze and react in a split second. I wish my brain was always that zippy!