Going from lean to uber lean. Dirty keto vs clean keto,

(April Harkness) #1

I got to lean but I was still struggling with food cravings and sugar addiction. I had stopped eating bread and sugar by Oct but was still consuming alot of keto fat bombs and consuming alot of artificial sweeteners. No judgements. Dirty keto and artificial sweeteners helped me lose the weight I gained on zyprexa (from the high 160’s to the vid on the left (I may have been 120-122 in that pic). But I still had to use willpower to power through. I still had bloating, it still triggered food cravings. And I rebounded in weight in Jan/Feb because of those cravings. Not by much. Did not go back to the 160’s but did shoot up a few lbs. IT was actually advice I received on this forum that told me the change I had to make. I was told to clean up my keto. To be frank, I was offended. But then I thought, why not? I will try. I had no intention of my body changing further. I was already lean. I just wanted to stop the bloating and stop the cravings. So I dropped the fat bombs, dropped the artifical sweeteners. As I did that, my appetite started to decrease…thus my entry into OMAD. And I started to see I was getting tighter and my abs popped. I have been lean before and had flat abs but have never had abs like I do now. Again, I was happy with the vid on the left but had no idea just by dropping the artificial sweeteners and going clean, I could still improve . True, this vid isn’t as dramatic as my previous progress video of before keto/current keto, but this vid does show you can still fine tune your physique even when lean.

(Edith) #2

Congratulations! I can see why your friends were jealous. Keep up the good work!

Ah… the resiliency of a youthful body…

(April Harkness) #3

:slight_smile: Well give me some credit. I am 43. (but thanks to keto and IF I think I can pass for early 30’s?)

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(then I saw this):

and I be all like

Girl you look afreakingmazing.

(Susan) #5

Wow, Yes, April! I thought you were around 30ish. You don’t look like you are 43 at all. Plus, you look awesome, and have done great! Good luck with all your Keto goals you want to do.

(Edith) #6

Okay, I guess I’ll give you extra credit. :grinning:

(April Harkness) #7

extra credit taken! I still can’t believe sometimes I went from eating cans of frosting a day to not even having a packet of splenda. If you had told me two years ago I would be sugar free…and even aritificial sugar free I would have rolled my eyes and said,no way.

(Sue ) #8

Dang, girl! You make 40+ look good!! :fire:



That is truly amazing. My sweet tooth changed so much after I eliminated added sweetners. I can’t stand how sweet regular packaged food tastes now (that’s a Good Thing). And things that didn’t taste sweet before, do now. :smiley:

(Murphy Kismet) #10

^^^ THIS!!! was me!!
Frosting out of the can, or homemade. (homemade is better, right?) Brownie batter. Chocolate chip cookie batter. Even cake batter. Anything sweet and gooey and it was in my mouth and in ma belleh!!
Can we say addict? I do.
So glad I found keto AND got into it, got rid of the overwhelming cravings, and ditched the body fat.

(Ilana Rose) #11

I only see one video in your OP, I think the ‘before’ one is missing.

(April Harkness) #12

I have another before in another thread. This is more of a progression from already lean to even more lean. Think of it as a finetuning… but here is a “typical” BEFORE you would like to see. I had already dropped about 15 lbs before this too by stopping Zyprexa but I have few pics and vids from that time- https://www.instagram.com/p/BrSkVOrhX2Y/

SO my original post above, is INDEED a before/after but atypical…again, more of a finetuning of an already lean keto physique.

And here is a vid I share of how this med affected me. First vid is 2017, 2nd is 2018 , last is 2019. https://www.instagram.com/p/BtHSemMlaBl/

I get alot of blowback from people who say me in yellow is just fine. It’s a MINDf**K to go from how I looked in the first vid and within a year go to the 2nd vid. It wasn’t fine. It was not fine for me at all. And also a testament to how POWERFUL some of these medications we take are. When people say it’s hormones or meds. they are NOT lying. I now understand.

(Ilana Rose) #13

I totally get you, girl. I only ever had a similar amount of weight to lose as you did but I couldn’t stand it and it made me depressed and hating society because I felt gross. It was drugs and hormones that screwed me too.

You look amazing, btw. I’m inspired to try harder to tighten up a bit more by your vids!

(Marianne) #14

Damn girrlll - you are shreaded!!! Congratulations! You are an inspiration to all the people out there trying to get ripped, like my husband. He’s not overweight but would like better muscle definition.


What? You’re 43? I thought you were in your 30s :hushed: