Going crazy keto

(Kelly Chesney) #1

I managed keto for about a year and fell off the face of the planet… Its started with an all you can eat… So, 3 months after I find out I have ovarian burnout (I forgot the medical term… I have half an ovary left, the other one and a half removed and the half that’s left is tiered…)

What does this mean? Why am I telling you?
Well… After months of reading up, I’ve learned not eating femal animals or products from femal animals, or soy products is the best way to help my half a squish. And keto is generally the best diet for hormone health.
Ima need some help… I’m going pesci/plant based keto. If it gets bad, or cravings get me, I’ll have some beef.
No eggs
No dairy
No meats from female animals
No soy

I live in the UK, can anyone recommend a good vegan/ dairy and soy free alternatives for the above to help a crazy lady? Is there a site you can recommend for nicely priced products?

… You guys rock…

(Chris - carnivoremuscle.com) #2

So… Where did you read this? I agree on the part of soy, but why avoid female animals?

Pesci animals will complicate this, how are you going to sex the fish? Beef is primarily male, at least.

(Kelly Chesney) #3

Fish hormones are less affective to mammals, chicken is OK, but not often. Other mammals estrogen and progesterone can affect the human body.
I pulled out a few BMJ’s I’ve read quite a few on women who have had one or more ovary affected by ‘anything’.
There’s loads of info of people cutting out wheat and dairy and finding their health improved greatly.
I’m only doing this ‘hardcore’ version for 6 months, then I will slowly introduce meat and dairy again and see what affect it has on me

(Graci) #4

I’ve heard of commercial raised meats (including chicken), that are full of hormones and antibiotics causing an issue…but never female animals or the animals naturally occurring hormones. I would look up Vegan Keto on YouTube, there are several videos that show recipes, you may be better off though just learning which foods are estrogenic and avoiding those…

(Kelly Chesney) #5

There’s not much on estrogen burn out, I found a few people 'selling’eat/diet plans for different body types… For £300-£500… I decided to do the research myself. It’s mostly based on theory so far, mine and other women’s and is very limited. If my Hormone producers pick up I may write a BMJ myself!
I have a few vegan keto recipes, im just after more, and seeing if other people can provide more tasty recipes.

(Ken) #6

Perhaps you should reset and concentrate on just one dietary philosophy at a time. Keto doctrine is obviously effective, I suggest you follow it without the other added restrictions. After several months of positive benefits you can start experimenting with adding in the other stuff.

Using Paleo type guidelines would possibly be effective.

(Carl Keller) #7

I agree with @240lbfatloss. Try eating real food and avoid sugar and starch. Besides it being near impossible to know if the meat you are eating is ♂ or ♀, unless you raise it and butcher it yourself, it sounds kind of tacky to be eating a diet that promotes sexual discrimination. :rofl:

PS, I’m not making fun of you. I’m just seeing the humor in this situation. :slight_smile:

(Full Metal Keto) #8

“Dr. Will Cole brings his years of clinical experience to the table with this great new book. Ketogenic diets are often considered meat based, but there are many plant based options as well. This book brings a fantastic, fresh perspective to light.”
–Jason Fung, MD, author of The Obesity Code

This book also includes fish.

(Ellenor Malik) #9

My philosophy is that one should go with what works for them.

If meat-based keto works for you (excluding dairy if necessary because that can be an inflammatory matter for some, and be too much sugar for others), go with that.

It’s rare that the meat of female animals actually contains much estrogen.

The treatment for primary ovarian failure is probably going to be estrogenic HRT, not pescetarian keto (which is a disaster for a multitude of reasons, including severe nutrient imbalances: in favor of omega 3 (which in excess can cause haemorrhagic stroke) if your fats are fish fats, in favor of omega 6 (which literally is heart disease) if they are plant fats, or just in general too many PUFA (>5% of the diet as PUFA in general may be toxic)).

(Kelly Chesney) #10

I’m being quite carful, fish/crustacians 3/4 times a week.
Plenty of nut oils and Coconut oils
All leafy green with every meal, plenty of variety with veg etc.
There’s loads of people who go vegan keto, the advise they gave has been amazing!
I’m also taking suppliaments such as vega shakes for breakfast.
When I did normal keto I lost about 1lb a week. I’m now loosing 1lb every 2 days. I feel better then ever before, endless energy, endless happiness. But most of all… Reduced inflammation.
When I get down 2 stones I will try reintroduction of dairy and meats, but for now, it’s really working for me. :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart: