Gofundme started to help caregiver with car! Help MonsterJuice!


(Ashley) #21

Still on the lookout for a car, thank you to everyone that has shared and donated! I’ve looked at a few but just not in good shape (I’m an looking for a runner, not a looker). Still on the hunt, I’ve checked a few dealership used cars but unfortunately haven’t been able to get any affordable financing even with cash down. Still looking into that! Please continue to share and I’ll still be on the hunt! Thank you all from the bottom of my heart! <3


Have you checked with your bank to see if they will finance you?

(Ashley) #23

My bank won’t due to the amount I make, I’m only part time as due to my doctors approval, I’m considered high risk worker so it’s based on what the doctor thinks I can do! I can’t do most driving jobs, or long standing jobs, even sitting jobs aren’t the easiest. When I pass out in front of someone it causes a lot of issues, I’ve had to be re-evaluated a few times to prove I can still work!

(Ashley) #24

Been looking around a lot, still haven’t found anything, been to a few places but no finance available on most cheaper cars. Still looking!

(Ashley) #25

Still on the lookout, been really sick the last few days so haven’t been as active on here so my apologies. I have wisdom teeth surgery tomorrow and will be on heavy painkillers so if I receive any messages I will get back to you it just may be a few days! Thanks everyone for sharing and donating and for being a awesome community!

(Graci) #26

Hope you feel better soon! How long will GoFundMe allow for all the donations, is there a time limit?

(Ashley) #27

There isn’t a time limit per say, but I have somewhat of a time limit, I have about a week or so before I actually am needing a car (going back to work Monday) have a week off for surgery. I think donations go as long as you let them! And thank you so much! I’m hoping it’s not as bad as the dentist made it sound (my teeth are impacted and sideways so he has to cut into my jaw either side a decent chunk to remove them) so I will probably have significant swelling.

(Ashley) #28

Had surgery today, in a lot of pain, had to have the left side taken out in chunks so more cutting into the jaw than anticipated so just doing a lot of resting! And ice!


Oowww!!! I’m cringing just thinking about it! Hope it heals well and quickly!

(Ashley) #30

Thank you, I’m horrible with pain killers so I am trying to avoid them, I have taken Motrin and anti nausea meds but still feeling pretty nauseated. Been sleeping all day!

(I'll trade you my bacon for your cheese) #31

Awwwwww man, I hope you feel better, Ash!

(Ashley) #32

Tried to have some sugar free jello since they said to have soft foods. I immediately threw it up which didn’t make things feel great lol. I think my auto immune stuff and my vertigo are on high alert since Friday to begin with so it’s been a crap few days, feeling a bit better though since I’ve basically have slept since 12pm so going on 15 hours of sleep on and off all day besides only waking to use the bathroom! Still pretty numb lips but can definitely feel like I been punched in both jaws!

(Ashley) #33

I also may have a lead on a car! Waiting to
Hear back from them! I’d have just enough money atm with the $400 I sold my car for to purchase and get a vehicle inspection on it! Just waiting for a reply!

(Ashley) #34

Never heard back from them so still on the hunt! Been looking at all sorts! I’m bound to find something!

(Ashley) #35

Still on the look for a car! Haven’t been feeling well the last few days. My face has not stopped being numb on the right side so I may have to go back this coming week if it doesn’t get better. I haven’t had any change or improvement so far so they told me to monitor it until Monday! The pain isn’t too bad just achy, but I can only open my mouth very little. So it’s been Keto soups and broths. I tried to eat thicker meat and that was torture. They think they’ve hit a nerve which is making my mouth not open much, but this should resolve within a few weeks!

(I'll trade you my bacon for your cheese) #36

Awwwww crap! I hope you feel better. I bet youre sitting there like “I took chewing things for such granted!!! I promise I won’t ever do that again!!”

(Ashley) #37

Yes!!! This 100%!


Oh my gosh, you poor thing! You just can’t catch a break, seems like. :confused:

(Ashley) #39

I’m doing alright :slight_smile: it could of been worse and hoping this numbing goes away in a few weeks! It usually does they said, eating a been a chore though!

(Ashley) #40

Just a update I won’t be back to work until midweek since the building I clean is being renovated! Gives me a bit more time to look and also go back to the dentist to see what’s going on with the numbness!