Gofundme started to help caregiver with car! Help MonsterJuice!


(Ashley) #1

Decided to write my own thread. Some people here have started a gofundme for me with Richards approval on having one on the site! I am desperate need of a car for work/appointments / care giving for my dad! I hit a deer and totaled it! I am 30 years old, female. I got diagnosed with POTS which is a dysautonomia. I can randomly pass out, have changing blood pressures, headaches, dizziness, random vomiting, severe ibs. I also have fibromyalgia, vertigo, and a heart murmur/valve regurgitation which causes my blood to regurgitate and causes spouts of chest pain! I am asking for help since I can only work part time! My work is giving me a few weeks to get it figured out! I have until May 13th to get it figured out and situated so I can continue work! I live in Michigan so if ANY has ANY info on used decent cars I can apply for I would really appreciate it! I cannot drive a manual! ANY ANY info that you have please pass it my way and have a VERY BLESSED DAY! https://www.gofundme.com/help-monsterjuice-get-to-work

(Jacqueline Porter) #2

I am so very sorry for your desperate situation and I really wish you well.
I don’t know how things work where you are, but a few years back I had a blackout when I was driving - luckily not too fast, wrote off my car but was unhurt. However, as it was never established what happened to me - ? TIA ? Heart arrythmia - I wasn’t allowed to drive for 6 months. I am just surprised you are able to drive if you have regular blackouts and dizzyness.

(Ashley) #3

I only have blackout when I change positions I am in. As long as I remain in a sitted position I am fine! It’s getting up from a sitted to standing or laying to standing where I can black out! Pots is Postural Orthostatic Trachardia Syndrome. Only during postural changes can I black out!

(Jacqueline Porter) #4

Im sorry if it sounded like I was judging you. I was just concerned.:relieved:

(Ashley) #5

Oh no I don’t think that at all, I just figured I may as well explain, trust me I asked doctors if I was okay to drive as well!

(Jacqueline Porter) #6

Take care hunni xxx I hope all goes well for you.

(Ashley) #7

Thank you!

(Ellen) #8

Ash, I wish I could give more, but hope this gets more traction & Candy/you can sort a car.

(Ashley) #9

Thank you Ellen <3 you’ve done plenty.


It’s the end of the month for me, I’m broke, but I’ll catch you again after the 1st. :blush:

(Ashley) #11

Thanks Sharon your awesome!!!

(Ashley) #12

I called round and found a auto auction place here in Michigan that helps people pay 50% of the price. But she said the cars are as is and I don’t know if they know everything wrong with them, it’s called charity motors, anyone heard of them?


I’m reading reviews that say the cars are fixer uppers. But it seems legit. You have to have a bridge card to get the half price deal.

(Ashley) #14

Oh dang didn’t realize that!

(Ashley) #15

I did call back and you are right, so apparently that won’t work! Back to the drawing board! @CandyLindTX wasn’t sure if your aware of the new thread so tagging you here. I’ve done a little more calling around and I’m finding most cars that are not in need of any or much work around 2k. So if anyone knows any other resources or fundraising or anything please let me know! Most cars I’m finding around $1500 or less need a lot of work!

(Ashley) #16

Still asking everyone to please keep sharing! <3


Is there any way you can get a bridge card?

(John) #18

not a car expert but if the airbags didnt blow and all that is wrong is what you can see in the pic it might be cheaper to fix it yourself.doesnt look like much more then the bumper. Hard to tell from the pic

(Ashley) #19

It’s got internal structure damage I had it checked out! The underside is shot as well so it’s not worth replacing. It would cost a lot to repair frame support. It also will no longer go in reverse, not sure what that is about, I didn’t have that part looked. But had it looked at a collision shop and they said junk it, motor mount and other stuff is shot on it!

(Ashley) #20

I’m not sure, I’ve never tried to apply due to always being able to afford food! I can afford groceries and such so just never have looked at that.