Goal weight


I plan a carb day/meal about once a month. It helps me stay on track but I can see how it can be a downfall for others. If there is something I crave, I put it off until, a holiday or special event. This way, I don’t have the feeling of missing out. But, after a carb day, I often end up sick or at least uncomfortable. So, that helps keep me on track too.

(Robin) #22

You probably know yourself well enough, to foresee how you handle slippery slopes Me, not at all. Can’t do a little of anything. I would only caution that adding carbs means adding cravings. If you are good at resisting urges, you’ll see if this is a good method for you.

(Susan) #23

I agree with Robin! I spent over 40 years Yoyo dieting before I transformed my way of eating to Keto --and I haven’t looked back since.

We have so many delicious options on Keto; even Ketoized versions of the SAD foods that people might miss, that I don’t see the need to go back to those foods. I understand people doing an odd meal or treat off of Keto for a special occasion, and I have done that too, like having Sushi on my birthday (by example) but I was still cautious and limited my intake and made it as an OMAD when I did that. For me, I would trigger cravings and if I gained any weight (after all the work I have done) I would be devastated and so upset!

If you think that you can do this once in a while; and not mess up your body or your will power, and get right back on track, then you are unique --I think for most of us, it would cause problems.

(ANNE ) #24

Congratulations on reaching your goal weight, it sure feels good.
I did the same a couple of years ago, and was so happy.

But after two years and allowing my self more and more carbs, because the carb heavy days on their own didn’t change my weight, I have regained about 2/3 of the weight lost…it was a slippery slope for me.
I am very much back on the wagon!
I miss not feeling great…having energy, recovering well after a hike in the hills. Keto brought so many more benefits than simply the the measure on the scale.
Keep up with keto and good luck.