GNG, protein and blood glucose re-visited

(Bob M) #21

“In response to protein, blood sugar rises on a keto diet”. Not for me. At least not that I’ve ever seen. One example:

But I’ve been keto since 1/1/14 and don’t have data for much of that time (GCMs are too expensive).

And, it’s a moot point for me anyway, as I get fatter if I eat high fat, whereas I continue to lose weight if I eat lower fat, higher protein. So, I eat higher protein.

(Michael) #22

Thank you for the validating post and taking the time to respond. I did not know you coined the term in the first place! I certainly agree it is all about the I/G ratio. As I understand it, glucagon responds slightly more to protein than does insulin, in the absence of carbs, especially after a few hours which may contribute to the effect. Did very many people send in data from protein ingestion experiments?

(Mark Rhodes) #23

Although you might want to try same protein and increased fat uptake. The only thing that would go up would be calories which most of us don’t follow anyway. Then yuou could see if that ratio not only changed you BG but if you had any other immediate changes, say in BHB if you still track