Glucose sparing?

(Tony H) #82

Woke up tonight after only being asleep for an hour with sweats and nausea. Assumed I was having a hypo but BG 6.2. Today is my lowest carb day yet at roughly 20g total but I had around 150g each of protein and fats. An hour before bed I had 50g of peanut butter with a cup of tea. Small splash of full fat milk. Felt completely fine after eating so very confused…assuming it’s kicked me out of ketosis?

(Tony H) #83

Scoured the forum and maybe sounds like cortisol release? Atm I’m not taking any supplements, is this a problem? Will high cortisol effect weight loss? Does this mean 20g total is too low for me at this stage?

(Tony H) #84

Anyone here in UK had any success in getting fasted insulin checked? As my GP wont do it I had hoped that Endo will when my app comes? I think it would be extremely useful to me to clear up my situation. If insulin is high then its pure IR if it’s low then my pancreas is just out of practice Id assume. I may have found a Spire locally that offer if for £150, if Endo wont do it then I will likely try to organise that to paint me a better picture of whats going on. Last night I researched and from what I can tell most people with pathological IR have other hallmarks i.e. high triglycerides and cholesterol. 5 weeks ago my HBA1C was 5.2, Triglycerides 0.55. Serum cholesterol 3.6, Serum HDL 1.12, Serum LDL 2.23, Non-HDL 2.5 and total cholesterol/HDL ratio 3.21. These all look fine to me and towards the lower ends so my body didnt appear to be stressed.

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Peanut butter before bed would screw me up, what made you want to eat / drink that close to bed?

The food allergies I have show themselves about an hour after being eaten as that’s when they start digesting.

(Tony H) #86

I went down to get a cup of tea and just spoon fed some PB cus I was feeling hungry. I felt hungry a lot yesterday, prob due to me doing my lowest carb day yet. I eat PB quite a lot so wouldnt of thought it would be that.

(Allie) #87

You eat it quite a lot and you feel crappy quite a lot… could be a coincidence, but could also be an intolerance you need to rule out as you can’t say it isn’t that unless you’ve actually stopped eating it for a decent amount of time.

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And sadly, beloved foods can suddenly turn on you!

(Tony H) #89

I will give it up for a couple of weeks, also considering eliminating nuts for a couple weeks altho I do get a lot of my fats from nuts so will have to up my meat intake. I wasnt feeling great off my nutty granola so makes sense to get rid of that too. Do you suspect the cortisol release last night was from something I ate? I read when the body thinks it’s starving it can release cortisol. Timing of that makes sense when that was the first day I went down to 20g of carbs.

(Robin) #90

Maybe, maybe and maybe. We all have our own n=1 experiments and the class requires taking notes. What did I eat? If it’s 3 things, eliminate one at a time, and repeat. I sadly lost veggies and nuts as they are MY triggers for diverticulitis flairs. Do I miss them? Yes! But not worth it.

And sometimes, it is just a one-off and maybe not even keto related. Just life happening.
Welcome to the laboratory!


This confused me. I’m hoping you can help me understand better. I track my net carbs. I understand how the net carb calculation works when the fiber comes with the food. What I don’t understand is how you can count any fiber towards “total carbs” just because it’s a separate food. If a separate food has 8 fiber, and only has 8 total carbs to it, then it has 0 net carbs. It shouldn’t add to the total carbs at all.

(Allie) #92

You don’t know that it was even that.

I do know though that when I eat something that my body cannot tolerate, one of the first symptoms is suddenly increased heart rate around one hour after eating it and PB is guaranteed to do this to me.

(A fool and his bacon are soon parted) #93

The amount of carbohydrate in our food consists of digestible carbohydrate plus indigestible carbohydrate, also known as fibre. The nutrition label for a food tells you both amounts.

In North America, the amount of “carbohydrate” listed in the nutrition panel is the amount of digestible carbohydrate plus the amount of fibre. But the fibre amount is listed separately. So to get digestible (net) carbohydrate, you subtract the amount of fibre from the total amount. To get total carbohydrate, you simply use the number shown.

In the rest of the world, the amount of “carbohydrate” listed in the nutrition panel is the amount of digestible (net) carbohydrate only. And again, the fibre amount is listed separately. To get digestible (net) carbohydrate, you simply use the number shown. To get total carbohydrate, add the amount of fibre to the net amount shown under “carbohydrate.”

So with that bit of confusion out of the way, let’s use some examples. Say Food A has 10 grams of carbohydrate per serving, 2 of which are digestible carbs. We therefore have 2 g net carbs + 8 g fibre = 10 g total. Suppose Food B also has 10 g of carbohydrate, 8 of which are digestible. In this case, we have 8 g net carbs + 2 g fibre = 10 g total. If we eat a serving of both foods, we get 2 + 8 g net carbs for a total of 10 g net carbs, plus 8 + 2 g fibre for a total of 10 g fibre. So our net carb consumption is 10 g of digestible (net) carbohydrate + 10 g fibre = 20 grams of total carbohydrate.

Now let’s say we combine a serving of Food B with a fibre supplement that has 20 g of fibre per serving, and no digestible net carbs. Then we are consuming 8 g + 0 g net carbs, plus 2 + 20 g fibre. Thus our net carb consumption would be 8 g, and our fibre consumption is 22 g, for a total carb consumption of 30 g.

Furthermore, if we were to eat three servings of Food B plus a serving of the fibre supplement, then our carb intake would be 3 × 8 + 0 digestible, plus 3 × 2 + 20 g fibre, or 24 g net + 26 g fibre = 50 g total carb intake.

These tables might be clearer:

Example 1 Net carbs Fibre Total
Food A 2 8 10
Food B 8 2 10
Totals 10 10 20
Example 2 Net carbs Fibre Total
Food B 8 2 10
Supplement 0 20 20
Totals 8 22 30
Example 3 Net carbs Fibre Total
Food B × 3 servings 24 6 30
Supplement 0 20 20
Totals 24 26 50

Note that you only subtract “fibre” from “carbohydrate” to get net carbs if you live in North America. If you live anywhere else, the net carb figure is already listed as “carbohydrate,” so there is no subtraction involved. This is because the laws and regulations determining what goes on a nutrition panel are different in North America versus the rest of the world.


Thank you! That helps and shows me that I have been doing it correctly and did not fall into that trap you previously spoke of. Whew Thank Goodness

I live in America, and have found that for me calculating and following just the net carbs has been much easier than following total carbs. So I thought I was doing something wrong in my calculations if you thought it was easier to track total carbs.

(Tony H) #95

2 weeks tomorrow since I began keto for the 2nd time. Mentally I am starting to come round that this is the future and Im already not convinced I’ll ever go back to eating too many carbs. I still dont have great energy, this is odd cus the first time I did keto after a week I was running daily and felt really good, not this time. I’ve also recorded extremely little ketones in my urine so far but could just be testing at the wrong time but may explain the fatigue. I have been playing around with my carbs and tbh I wasnt really sure what was working as Ive seen little to no movement on the keto strip until today. After eating pork chops on a bed of salad leaves I decided to randomly check and got around 1.5 which is my highest yet. I have been under 50g everyday with some days sub 20g. Yesterday was pushing 50g and I still got my best ketones reading which is pleasing.

Tonight I decided to mix my homemade keto granola from diet doctor with some natural yoghurt and berries. I was still only up to about 40g for the day so I went with it. I measured 5.1 before eating and 7.2 30 mins after which is the highest reading I’ve seen since restarting keto. As a newbie I have no idea what is classed as a spike or not. Is this a spike? I had already made the decision to go dairy free for a couple of weeks from tomorrow as I can feel my prostate flaring. Around 15 months ago I got prostatitis for the first time, it hurt like hell and has lingered on and off since. Think I’ve had it like 4 or 5 times since. I read an article tonight on lactose intolerance and its link to sibo and prostatitis which ticks all my boxes and as I have been eating a lot more cheese and went back to real milk in my hot drinks since keto this may explain why its rearing it’s head. It’s at least worth a try anyway.

Edit: I’m assuming the stinky urine is due to keto, doesn’t really bother me but my pregnant other half doesn’t appreciate going after me atm :rofl:

(Robin) #96

@Tony210987 My urine smelled like buttered popcorn. My hubby never complained. Lol.
I have never tested anything, so I am no help. I also rarely weigh myself. I did use a macros counter in the beginning, just until I had it figured out. You should get to auto-pilot pretty quickly if you stay the course.

Just remember, we are all our own n=1 lab experiment. The only expert is your body and it sends pretty clear messages. Take notes, make changes accordingly.

You got this!

(Tony H) #97

I am only 3lbs down in 13 days which isn’t quite what I’d hoped for but hoping the weight loss speeds up as my body gets better at burning fat.

(Allie) #98

Stop wasting time and energy on pee sticks. They’re misleading and unnecessary.

(Tony H) #99

It’s not something I worry over and dont check too often. Prob only 5 times in 2 weeks but the first time I did keto I had good energy levels quite quickly but not this time so I think you naturally try and look for explanations. I’m really eager to start doing some HIIT workouts but will not push it until I feel ready.

(Tony H) #100

Other issue im having is with my eyes. They have not felt right now for a few weeks. I’ve never suffered with migranes and Ive had 2 in the last few weeks, they just seem really sensitive and can hurt when I move my eyes around. When you stand up too quick and get a rush of blood your eyes go a bit funny, thats how they feel quite often atm. My vision isnt blurred just feels very odd. Is this to do with cutting carbs? This feeling can also worsen after eating. If I eat something with carbs with say 20g total carbs in it I spike to around low 7s/130ish before coming back down to mid/low 5s/100ish. which from what I can read is a perfectly normal response so why would it be effecting my eyes?