Glucose sparing?

(Denise) #21

Do you mean if you eat Keto and feel better, possibly great, you would be concerned that you couldn’t go back to eating the way you did that “maybe” gave you the SIBO in the first place?

One more thing, you will probably have some sort of withdrawals if you go Keto, it’s not easy for anyone here, I think it’s safe to say, but the benefits outweighs any “short period of time” we don’t feel great.

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I know that sounds stupid but yes. I want that choice to be able to sit down with the family and eat a sunday dinner without feeling like a diabetic. Id like to be able to eat an ice cream when I go to the beach. Switching this way seemed to be very easy for me, if I know switching back is possible it makes it much easier for me to commit to it cus I know I have a choice.

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I suffer from reflux, started maybe 2 years ago, was put on PPIs 2x a day for 4 months. Thats what gave me sibo. I had no bloating until then. Thats when i started working with a nutritionist cus I didnt want to be on meds that made things worse.

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You really need to watch the video I sent that Ben Bickman did. He’s giving a lecture to students. He talks about how he eats with his family, their main dinner/supper. He’s not diabetic, but I think I recall him saying that if you overdo carbs, you can balance it out with fiber.

Quit wondering and seek out the info, it’s out there, and free. Insulin Resistance is my main topic to go for. Also best foods to get the nutrition I need, without spiking blood glucose.

You’ll make your own decision, people are here to help you through it when you are ready. I think so differently after learning so much about how the body works, why “I” got sick.

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I have watched some, he says that it will reverse very, very quickly which leaves me a little confused as to what is happening with my body. I know that everyone is different and I think I need to see that my body is capable of going back before I can really commit to keto. I dont think im quite ready mentally yet but after eating the same way for 34 years its never going to be easy to let go. I will take as much info as I can get from here and youtube on this subject for sure and I do appreciate your input so thanks.

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SIBO and serum glucose are unrelated. I fail to see how cutting your carb intake is going to result in an increase in serum glucose. Dawn phenomenon is the consequence of a cortisol release early in the morning, intended to provide a boost in case the body needs to active right after wakening. If you are becoming hyperglycaemic, then there is more likely to be a problem with your insulin production. I wonder if your pancreas might be giving out. (It is possible to develop Type I diabetes in adulthood.)

If your intestinal microbes are causing you trouble when you eat carbohydrate, that is not the result of high blood sugar, it is the result of the presence of carbohydrate in your intestinal tract.

Just to clarify, “glucose sparing” is a term that refers to a situation where, once a person has been in ketosis for a sufficient length of time, the skeletal muscles have readapted to using fatty acids for their metabolic needs, and thus they pass up the glucose and ketone bodies being produced by the liver, so that other organs (particularly the brain) can make use of them.

To get to this state, you need to be eating far less carbohydrate than 150 grams a day. You need to be eating so little carbohydrate that your serum insulin drops under about 25 μU/mL, a state in which the liver starts producing the very small amount of glucose your body actually needs (gluconeogenesis) and also starts generating ketone bodies (ketogenesis) to fuel the brain. The glucose produced by the liver never enters the intestines, so it has no effect on the bacterial overgrowth. The bacteria, no longer being fed by carbohydrate in your diet, should die off fairly quickly. Which is, I believe, what you want, in which case, the less carbohydrate you eat, the more quickly the bacteria will die off.

The longer you continue to feed your bacteria with carbohydrate, the longer you will have unwanted symptoms.

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Thanks, very interesting. I didnt really come here to beat my SIBO but I suppose they may well go hand in hand and keto could be the end goal. Obv before keto I just didnt have any issues regarding my blood sugars. I just watched a video where Dr Bikman states that you lose your initial insulin response which maybe explains why im spiking like I never have before. I was keeping track and 30 mins after eating my meals yesterday I was anything between 5.5/6.4 which seems fine to me but I dont really know enough about it to be sure. I have had full medical check with my doctor and should get results back within a day or 2. When I woke up last night feeling very sick I had eaten some junk before bed, maybe 2 hours later I woke up feeling very sick, checked my blood sugar and was 5.7 so I really have no idea if thats even the issue here cus that seems fine to me Im plucking at straws tbh.

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Ah, that makes more sense.

Okay, the glucose readings you are reporting are all within the healthy range (assuming, of course, that I’m doing the arithmetic properly, since I am accustomed to U.S. units). The symptoms you are experiencing are not from high blood sugar, but from the reaction of the bacteria in your intestine, unfortunately.

To kill off the troublesome bacteria, there are a number of approaches you can take. First, I don’t think that more fibre will be helpful, since the bacteria will feed on it and cause more trouble. The best solutions would be to clear them out altogether, either by going on an elimination diet, or by fasting for several days.

Given that the gold-standard elimination diet is nothing but beef and water for at least thirty days, you probably don’t want to go there, judging by some of your posts. So if you think you could manage a fast, and I imagine five to seven days would be what you’d need, that might clear out the bad bacteria, and you could repopulate your intestines with better bacteria. Otherwise, you are likely to keep experiencing the same problems every time you try to increase your carb intake again, sorry.

You might be able to manage an elimination diet on pork or chicken, since the key in your case is to eliminate the food for the bacteria you don’t want. The reason beef is recommended is that it contains all the essential amino and fatty acids that the body can’t make for itself, and contains them in the ideal proportions. Other meats can supply them, of course, just in proportions that are not as ideal.

If you decide to try fasting, take a good multivitamin and possibly a salt pill every day, and just drink plenty of water (don’t overhydrate, mind, just drink to thirst). There is likely to be a small amount of dextrose in the pills, but nothing like enough to feed the troublesome bacteria.

Before you try either of these approaches, however, you might try talking to your physician. There are probably drugs for SIBO, but I have to admit that my bias is in favour of taking a dietary approach in preference to drugs. But your doctor can also advise you how to make sure you stay healthy, either while fasting, or while on the elimination diet.

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Hi Tony,

@PaulL said “Given that the gold-standard elimination diet is nothing but beef and water for at least thirty days, you probably don’t want to go there, judging by some of your posts. So if you think you could manage a fast, and I imagine five to seven days would be what you’d need, that might clear out the bad bacteria, and you could repopulate your intestines with better bacteria.” I think he is giving very good advice, but just fyi. I had 13 years of IBS-D and switched to beef only AFTER doing a 10 day water only fast. It took just over 12 weeks for my diarrhea to stop. It may take a little more time that just a few weeks to remedy, just some non-food for thought :slight_smile:

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Assuming you don’t have some other serious dysfunctional issues going on, there should be no reason you couldn’t go back to eating carbs if you ever wanted to. There’s research I recall indicating that you can get your “normal” glucose tolerance levels back in a couple of days. (Experts, please correct me if I’m wrong on this point).

But “normal” tolerance of carbs isn’t a great starting point for good health.

The larger question is whether you will ever really want to.

If sugar/carbs have such an adverse effect on you (as they do to everyone in varying degrees of clinical presentation), is it really that important to you that you eat ice cream when others are doing so? That you have a slice of birthday cake? Are there no other ways to participate and show your love?

If a recovering alcoholic wants to have a drink, he can. But there are consequences.

If a recovering heroin addict wants to shoot up, he can. But there are consequences.

If carbs aren’t good for you - for whatever combination of reasons you’ve come to see firsthand - that doesn’t mean you can’t eat them. But there are consequences.

Sorry, that’s not what you want to hear. No one can change the consequences for you. It’s all up to you to decide what you’re going to do about it. :vulcan_salute:


So you and I are in exactly the same boat. I started keto on the recommendation of my Dr. to help with my liver failure and my severe allergic reactions to gluten. We have found now that I react the same way to all grains and added sugars. The only carbs I can actually tolerate are leafy vegetables.

I also thought that at some point that I could slowly reintroduce them to my diet. Nothing could be further from the truth. I happened to get gluten cross contamination (from a singular croton on a salad) and I have been suffering for almost 3 weeks now.

I know it is tough and I will be the first one to tell you that there are days that I really get down about it. But, it is my new reality and I just have to learn to accept it.

I know this probably doesn’t help you. But remember, you are by no means alone and we are here to support you any way we can through this journey.

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Speaking my language here. I’m either all in or all out… middle ground and jumping back and forth works for some. Not me. If I step off the keto train, I may as well start drinking and smoking again cuz that’s the way I roll.

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Had you actually tested to know for sure, or is it possible the issues were there all along but previously unnoticed?


here is some ‘sparing’ info to consider:

on other issues, you ‘want to go back to crappier eating’ I take it but in the end, we know when we go back we don’t do as well on some foods we bring back, simple as that and will be different for all.

carbs are tough to quit. Think of it this way…smoking. Someone smoked for 40 years. We know health will deteriorate, we know it saps energy from us, we know it does alot to us yet we ‘got thru the day’ smoking and did ‘ok’-----then ya quit. A year later ya smoke a cig----2 things are gonna happen. Polar opposites kinda.

One person is repulsed. Tastes like an ashtray. Get woozey and lightheaded, dizzy and feels nausea and gets waves of real sickness thru their body. They know bringing this back is not gonna set well with them. Then ya got that other person who smokes 1 and goes back, all in and does fine! They take right back to smokes like they never quit. They might not feel as energetic etc. but they did not ‘get very ill’ like another.

but we know off cigs your body repairs the cells that are damaged. we know all organs heal and love being off this poison. we know we save money :), we know we feel more energy and feel more vibrant then we ever did. But one could not go back and one could easily go back.

same with carbs. some can’t tolerate alot of the old stuff cause big sugar intake in the body is poison truly so some react bad on a personal level of what foods you ate. Some can go back to eating ALL crap like it was nothing, yea might feel more icky, but it is acceptable and ok so they eat the crap. Others try to go back and find they are sick from it and can’t go back to ‘certain’ foods and only thru personal eating can one see where they land on how far they can go back :slight_smile:

Plus it has to be a mental mindset change we all had to focus as being a part of a healthy change.

Sad we can’t eat ice cream cause all family is eating ice cream as a special treat on a special celebration day? Sad…that is the feeling we get. Deprived we can’t join in. But those feelings can be dealt with if you your health lifestyle a real priority and a focus of I am sad I can’t eat that to…I am super thrilled I ain’t sucking down that swill that will make me antsy, and jittery on sugar and feel sick but I know, when I lay my head down tonight, I took the healthy way forward for me and had a good, energetic non-sick feeling day and that is what I want :slight_smile:

I mean I had to chat with me about this ‘whole health’ walk I too also LOL It ain’t easy in the end when we know what to do, but damn, we feel like it saps our lifestyles, well go make a darn new lifestyle to fit you :slight_smile: and you can do just that.

I think I hit on some of your issues? hope so :sunny:

(Tony H) #35

Just had my A1c result back, 5.2 which she said is fine. When I got up today I ate gluten free oats with milk and peanut butter and within 20 mins or so I started to feel iffy again. Best described as fatigued/muscle weakness/nausea. Ive not had this type of feeling off SIBO before but maybe cutting the carbs out then reintroducing them has awoken them like some have alluded to. Obv im pleased but theres still that part of me thinking if this is new would a test looking at the last 3 months be any good? My blood glucose 1 hr after breakfast today was 6.6 so I wouldnt expect to feel like this with that level? Tomorrow I will shoot for under 50g and see if there is a difference in how my body feels. I also stopped my antimicrobials about 2 weeks ago, maybe that is having an impact idk but my main symptom with the SIBO prior was bloating and I dont have it at all atm so the way im feeling is all very odd. I felt normal when I woke up so it is defo off the food.

(Denise) #36

There are several videos on SIBO Tony, I just ducked into a couple of them and focused on what it is exactly, and listened a bit about fixing it. 5.2 for A1c is amazingly in my opinion, I have T2. You are interested in Keto but I just think focusing mostly on healing your gut might be the way to go.

Here’s one video, but there are half a dozen I saw, so take what you need and just leave the rest. For me it’s always like that with “doctors” online. Things to try etc., but you have to really be careful. I know a guy, watched a lot of his videos that is his own guinea-pig. I am like that myself with trying things.

Maybe someone has already posted that I haven’t seen here on your thread, that has had or has SIBO. It’s always good to run into someone that’s had it, that can give you their experience in healing, or lack thereof.

Here’s a video on SIBO:


I really feel you need a much, much longer healing period before you can just throw a bowl of oats into your stomach. And I’m not sure your doctor entirely understands true Keto, or how it should be done, and you may be being guided by the blind. Because150g of carbs is a lot for a sick gut. And just because you started to feel better doesnt mean the healing was complete. You need more time for your body to adjust and finish repairing your gut, And then repair all your other organs that may not be showing signs of a bad diet yet, but will eventually. And then you need to let your body live in that healthy state for a good long time once it gets there. Only then can you add back carbs without immediate backlash by your body.

I’ve been doing strict keto for about 5 1/2 weeks, (feels like months!) and I wouldn’t dream of trying to have the kind of carbs I used to eat before so soon. I know it would be a disaster and I would immediately become sick. Not because of Keto, but because of high sugar and overly processed and chemically created food that is bad for us. Unfortunately, until I get my body to the “safe zone”, carbs like sweet potatoes and potatoes, whole grains and rice, or high carb, high sugar fruits and veggies that are all natural and not tampered with by man will lead to my demise again. It’s not goodbye forever, but it certainly is goodbye for a good long while. Sort of “see ya on the other side!” I’ve committed to learn how to get the same pleasure and enjoyment from food using ingredients that are healthier for me and my healing needs at this time. And when I do transition off of Keto, if I ever have to, I will transition into another healthy diet, like the Mediterranean diet. It’s no secret that diet is the number one healthiest diet in the entire world, but it’s not always the right one to use first to get our system back into line and heal us so that we can really handle the higher carbs in that diet. Not coming from where we’ve been it isn’t. If you are fairly healthy to start with, then it’s a fantastic diet to go right into. But for me? I need to do Keto first. I need to reset my body and let it heal and then I will be able to add back healthy carbs that I miss into my diet. I have severe osteoporosis, was pre-diabetic, a stroke risk, had three parathyroid tumors removed just this past December, have a history of severe gut problems along with nausea, have no gall bladder for 13 years now, and I had dangerously high cholesterol by 2018 that I had to use statins to bring down quickly, so this a tricky diet for someone like me…but time will tell if it helps or worsens anything. Regardless, the important thing to remember is never fall off a healthy way to eat. Have a few healthy diets picked out and transition between them as your health needs dictate, remaining faithful to the one you currently use at any given time, giving it enough time to do some real good first.

I miss most, of all things - vegetables! Lol And my fruit. So the Mediterranean diet will satisfy that side of me, but It is way too soon to try to do it. My organs are not healed enough or healthy enough to handle it. My gut isn’t either. The carbs in that diet would quickly unravel all the good the diet has done for me the past 5 weeks.

The problem isn’t what you listed for a day’s menu above. On its own merit those were all fabulous, healthy choices. And if a body were to eat it that is in perfect, unmarred condition, without having had any prior illnesses or damage to organs, what you listed would be 1,000x healthier than what we all used to eat, (and what was made available to us to buy, what was marketed as healthy to us (low fat,) etc.) So thats partly why you’re confused because the foods on your menu are healthy and it made you sick. But take a person with damage to their organs from all the years of unhealthy eating and exposure to high volumes of sugar, empty carbs, and over-processed lab-created ingredients, and place them on a healthy low carb but only for a short period of time without enough time to fully heal, and most any carb that turns to sugar right away that they add back to their diet will make them ill again. It’s not the diet making you sick or triggering any new insulin conditions or glucose intolerance. I believe once you’ve let your body fully heal itself, not just momentarily for a few to several weeks, I mean months of healing, and then let it live uninterrupted in it’s healed state for a good amount of time, more months, then an occasional treat won’t rock your world so much and might not make you ill, and adding back a menu like you listed above probably wont make you sick.

You may wish you could eat Ice Cream on the beach along with friends and family and you may still have fond memories of the flavors, but sugar IS poison. To you and to them! Their bodies just haven’t had the “Come to Jesus” talk with them about it yet. But trust me, they will.

As for sadness and not knowing how you will be able to last on this diet, take some hope from me. First, the last time I did a low carb diet was 25 years ago when I did Atkins. That’s the period of real sadness because we did not have all the wonderful options available to us in those years to make it easy to stick with that eating lifestyle very long, or so many wonderful people working diligently to provide healthier options in our grocery stores like they are today. The products that help us create our own healthy food today were extremely hard to find then, few and far between. But I never forgot how that was the only other time in my life other than my high school years when I felt alive, pain free, healed, awake, energetic, and motivated. I slowly fell back into the eating style our society pushed onto us and all around us, and I became extremely ill again, and overweight. Today, 5 1/2 weeks into Keto, I’m alive again. That’s not a dramatic exaggeration, but accurate. I may not see pounds falling off as fast as I’d like to, but they are falling. I lost 10 lbs so far. I have 40 more to go. I’d be elated with just losing 30 more! I dont have the excruciating back pain, or nerve pain in my thigh, like I did the past four years. I’m awake again. Wide awake and alert all day long. I never have the drowsy drops in my day like I used to. I have so much energy and I feel hopeful about the future and my life again for the first time in 25 long years. I have committed to stay with this eating style as long as I possibly can medically do it, and only if for any reason my health condition says no, I will switch to the Mediterranean diet. I will never go back to the poison that was marketed to me all my life, and to my kids. I’d rather sit with empty hands on the beach while everyone else ate ice cream then ever feel sick again. But the great news is you don’t need to have empty hands. We have a LOT of options today, which was my second point.

Today I met my college son for breakfast in a restaurant after a doctor appointment I had down in the city. My first time back out in the wild while on this diet. Last night I looked at the menu online and planned. I saw a Salmon Benedict that I usually love. I then searched for and found a Keto everything bagel recipe online, and I made it last night. Pretty tasty too! Smelled like what I was used to even if it’s not exactly the same. I sliced one in half, froze the rest for easy breakfast options later. The one I kept out I took with me to the restaurant. When I ordered the Salmon Benedict, I pulled out my bagel from my purse (I kid you not :rofl:) and asked the server if they would please toast it for me and serve the Benedict on top of that instead of the bagel/bread/muffin they use. It … was … delicious!! I was full after only half of it! They even accommodated me with blackberries, blueberries, and strawberries on the side in place of the regular mixed syrupy fruit or potatoes. My meal was 5.6 carbs, 463 calories, 24 protein and 38 fat, and literally the most beautiful picture of food, (yes - I snapped a picture and sent it to my husband.) The server and the chef came to my table and asked me where I got my bread! They said it smelled so good and looked delicious. (It did) Their mouths dropped when I told them I made it myself, with eggs, cream cheese, shredded mozzarella, and almond flour. :joy: It was such a compliment to have the chef express their amazement to me that something different could be done, and it reinforced for me that today we live in a time where others are willing to support us, think outside the box, and maybe even start adding better options to their own menus. It was a wonderful breakfast and I ate it in public alongside my son (whose scrambled eggs, hashbrowns, and toast looked bland and tasteless to me. :rofl:) I did not have to fall off my diet, cheat, or feel restricted.

I don’t feel the sadness you did and maybe it’s because I have found out how to replace what I used to love, even chocolate and ice cream and cakes, and snacking chips! I have done strict keto with less than 20g net carbs per day for over 5 straight weeks, yet I have enjoyed all of those things. What sticking to strict Keto did for me was change me inside, and make my cravings and tastebuds change too. But you need to be on it long enough for that to happen. I dont think you were. When I eat anything that has even a speck of real sugar in it I almost gag. It really is that awful and that strong, but we were just numb to it before, with high tolerance levels, and overly conditioned with it and unaware until we remove it from our system. I can sit here and watch my husband down a bowl of supermarket ice cream and I don’t crave it one bit. But then I also learned how to make delicious homemade Ice Cream that is Keto friendly with a Cuisinart IC maker and it uses safe sugar substitutes. I just altered their recipe in their manual. I have four more 6oz servings still in my freezer and I only ate one in the past two weeks. Lol. It’s very good, really yummy, but I don’t crave it as much. My body changed. But it’s there when I want to have a treat or share with the treats my family are having. And my husband and son both loved the flavor too!

Nowadays it is so much easier than 25 years ago, you just need to discover all thats out there, and you will not do that when you’re not in a position to have to. I never would have discovered all that I have if I hadn’t had to strictly limit my net carbs to 20g or lower a day. (My average is usually 8-10 grams and I’m not trying to keep it that low.:joy:) And I’m talking net carbs. Not total. My total carbs end up between 30-70 per day. But 20g Net Carbs meant I had to learn a lot about all the different raw ingredients there are today and exactly how to use them, how to cook with them, and we have a plethora of websites teaching us unlike 25 years ago.

I had shrimp tartar yesterday that was so good I was rolling my eyes up until the very last bite! Five ingredients only, and it read as if it would be boring, but to my surprise the combo was actually heavenly. My 24 year old son ate the other half of it because he tasted it and then grabbed the bowl away. This is someone who does not have to eat what I’m making, but it’s tasty enough that he wants to.

And after this experience, if I transition to another healthy diet later? I know how to do my research now and I’ll be willing to do it again for the new diet. Because that’s how you get success and feel happiness.


I am not very familiar with SIBO but some things in your story confuse me. So you developed SIBO from taking GERD medicine? Are you seeing a gastro or simply a nutritionist?From the little I read there is usually a cause or trigger for SIBO, it does not arise spontaneously but I know very little.,sometimes%20called%20blind%20loop%20syndrome. If you are not seeing a gastro I would have a workup done with one. Also I tend to get Gerd symptoms when I fall off the keto wagon and have wheat. No wheat, usually no symptoms even when I take things like Apple Cider Vinegar, does not seem to bother me.

I am also a little confused, you did a no carb diet for 7 weeks? Nothing? to kill the SIBO bacteria? Then you went on a low carb diet? Frankly 150 carbs a day is really more of a Mediterranean diet and will not put you into ketosis unless you are a competitive athlete or a lumber jack. It also should not bring your sugar down too low or spike it too much especially at 34. I forget his name but the Dr. who worked with Jimmy Moore (Gerber I think) talked about how he thought he was doing keto but was actually doing low carb and he found true keto easier than low carb. It is the difference, to perpetuate the cigarette analogy, with having a couple a day and going cold turkey. Over time if you still have an occasional cigarette the craving never entirely goes away.

I am not sure about the glucose sparing, that is something I wonder about. I am currently experimenting with a CGM (Freestyle Libre), they are pricey but it is helping me learn what I react to and in what amount of time and not everything is what I expected. For example, first thing in the morning my sugar tends to be higher (I am much older than you) than at any point in the day, that is the dawn effect. However, I actually feel good then. I am not hungry nor do I feel slightly queasy which I do when my sugar drops below 85 according to my CGM. I am new on the CGM and I was really surprised when my premeal sugar was in the 90s and my post meal was in the 70s (divide by 18), I had eaten a very keto meal but I am not as metabolically healthy as an average 30 year old

As someone else asked, did you regularly check your sugar before keto? Most people don’t. Maybe they have a test at their annual checkup assuming they even get one. Plenty of people I know have not had their sugar checked since the last time they applied for insurance! One reason diabetes is considered a silent disease.

Also do you have a strong family history of diabetes? Type 1 is possible in your 30s, I know more than one person, mostly men, who were diagnosed with type 1 or type 1.5. I also know someone who was Type 2 by age 39. I know in that case he went low carb and his diabetes is still in remission over 20 years later. He has a strong family history. Losing weight helped him. One thing, most meters have a margin of error of something like 10 - 20%. I would perhaps make a chart for your doctor, showing the so called spikes you have had. I would also ask your doctor and google what is normal BG. Just because you are not at the equivalent of 90 (5mm) you may still be normal but your doctor needs to decide that by looking at your history). It is normal to have some rise after a meal, especially one containing carbs. I would google how long after eating something you should measure. Also, I find eating SAD carbs tends to make me tired. After big holiday dinners I generally want to crash. This does not happen after steak eggs and a salad

As for the food, I am not a fan of most meat although I like nuts, eggs, avocado, cheese, certain meats and almost no seafood. I manage and I am fine with my food. Since I have been stricter I am finding regular food less tempting. It helps to be willing to cook. I will make certain keto equivalents, like dinner rolls from diet doctor and fat head pizza (have not tried it yet on my CGM, like any new toy I am having fun experimenting - tonight grapes did not go particularly well but not as bad as I expected). I find the more I cook the happier I am with my food

(Tony H) #39

Ok so a couple weeks on and after having a chat with my GP she thinks I have reactive hypoglycemia. I keep waking with low blood sugar levels. Lowest last week was 2.6 which is pretty scary as Im asleep so cant do anything about it. GP said medically there is nothing wrong with me and apart from bilirubin (gilberts syndrome) my bloods are very healthy. Ive never suffered with this so am trying to figure out why lchf + IF would bring this on. It feels as tho keto + IF broke my system somehow. As an experiment I did a few days keto and it did seem to stabilise and get my fasting bloods back up in the 5s so I know I can manage it with keto but for me I know Id find it a lot easier/sustainable long term to do low carb. I have watched many vids from Dr Berg who advocates keto to fix this issue. Anyone with experience with this? How long does it take? Is this lifelong or can you do x amount of time on keto to restore health then go low carb long term?

(Tony H) #40

Funny thing is I keep seeing that eating can temp make this go away . For me when I eat it temp makes symptoms worse. I get headaches, weakness, nausea and blurred vision which is obv making me pretty miserable atm