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Daisy's latest extraordinary woman, Glenda, talks about how she reversed her Type 2 Diabetes, came off large doses of insulin, improved her previously high blood pressure and lost a lot of weight. Oh and how she is now fit enough to run away from bears!

Glenda grew up slim until she had her appendix out when she was 13 and then started to gain weight. Her family lived below the poverty line and they ate lots of store-bought bread with margarine and white sugar on it to keep their bellies full. With 11 mouths to feed and little money, food was all you had. They rarely ate meat or veg but did have lots of coleslaw because cabbage was cheap!

Glenda continued to gain weight through nursing training and after marriage, esp after pregnancy. She tried many diets but just kept gaining weight. Her doctors put her on a low calorie program but it wasn’t sustainable - she would lose but then gain more until she reached 253 pounds at only 64 inches tall.

Glenda ended up with high blood pressure and on insulin with her Type 2 Diabetes and considered having bariatric surgery to treat her severe diabetes of 24 years. She found bariatric surgeon while wintering in Arizona and he told her to start a ketogenic diet, get off her insulin and she wouldn’t need surgery.

He was right.

Glenda is now the same weight as when she got married. She is down 115 pounds using keto and then adding Dr Fung’s fasting protocol. Despite doctors telling her that keto is unsustainable, Glenda is now into her 3rd year eating this way. She no longer has cravings and is finally happy living inside her new, smaller body. She has found the support of patient groups online to be invaluable on her journey to health and wellness.

How To Make Mayonnaise

The easiest way to make mayo is with a stick (aka immersion) blender and a narrow container just wide enough to hold the blender. Add the ingredients in the order listed below and let them settle so that you can see the separate layers of oil floating on top of your acid and egg. Put the stick blender in the container so that it sits over the egg. Keep it still while you blend for about 20 seconds and then move it up and down to thoroughly mix the rest of the oil in. Et voila!

1 egg

1 tsp Dijon Mustard

Salt & Pepper and/or any seasoning you fancy.

1 Tbsp acid - lemon juice, white wine vinegar, AVC or whatever you prefer.

1 cup light flavoured oil - light olive oil or avocado probably best choice.

This video shows how to make it. I struggle to find a light enough oil here in France so rarely make my own mayo. I find olive oil too strong but can only get the extra virgin so that doesn't help! Some people say avocado oil doesn't taste great but that some strong seasoning like cayenne pepper helps. Let me know what floats your boat when it comes to keto mayo.

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(Graci) #2

Awesome testimony, thank you for sharing it!


This was my first outing with the Ketowoman podcast. It was outstanding and I will continue as a regular listener. Glenda provided SO much wisdom and practical advice about how to be steady on a Ketogenic plan. Thank you for providing such wonderful information and support for those of us who are on this path.