Ghee, take 2

(James Studdart) #1

So a month or so ago, I tried to make Ghee from Kerry Gold butter, it didn’t go to plan, and people on the GB group came to my aid. What I did make was brown butter and I made amazing keto fudge with it.
Do today I thought I’d try again, and I am liking the look of it this time, what do you think, does this look right to you?

(Anna Hermsdorfer) #2

Looks pretty good to me. I’ve only made it once, but your batch looks similar to mine.

(James Studdart) #3

Thanks, seems to taste okay too, just make chicken and bacon with it :slight_smile:


Looks like a beauty…bright yellow color is what it is supposed to look like. Good job.

You said you only cook chicken and bacon with it. Here’s two other cooking with ghee applications you might want to try:

Steak or pork chops:
In a pan, add a couple tablespoons of ghee and a clove of peeled garlic (don’t slice or crush the garlic). Bring the temperature up, and fry your steak or chop in the hot ghee. With a spoon, pour the liquid garlicky ghee over the steak or chop while it is frying. When both sides of steak or chop are done (to your doneness level) then remove from pan, and enjoy!

Do you like fish?
Fry filet of fish in ghee with a few slices of garlic in the ghee. When done, remove from pan and pour a sauce made from one part melted ghee with one part freshly squeezed lemon juice.

(James Studdart) #5

I meant I made chicken and bacon for dinner tonight, I eat everything else too :slight_smile: I’ll be giving it all a go :slight_smile:


Awesome…always a pleasure to meet another foodie!!:wink:

(jketoscribe) #7

I bought a jar of popular ghee on sale to compare and see if I was making it at home correctly and it was exactly the same as my homemade stuff. Yours looks just right.

(James Studdart) #8

Awesome thanks :slight_smile:


When would i want ghee over just regular kerry gold? Inquiring minds want to know. And also me.

(James Studdart) #10

It’s better for cooking with, as it has a higher smoke temperature


Does Kerrygold sell a Ghee on their own?

(James Studdart) #12

I’m not sure, it’s pretty easy to make (he’s says having failed the first time) and only takes about 15mins to make.

This is the guide I followed:

I took it off before the browning though this time, as last time when the browning happened I ended up with brown butter not ghee, so I played it safe this time :slight_smile: