Getting over fear of FAT?

(Christine Flack) #1

I started Keto 2 weeks ago and I actually love this way of eating.
I find i can curb my sweet cravings with a little stevia mixed with butter and unsweetened coconut shavings.
However I still feel so guilty eating fats and butter. For so long you are told butter is bad, fat is bad. I have high cholesterol too, so adds to my guilt!
How did you guys overcome this?


By jumping in and eating all the fatty meats.

(Bacon is a many-splendoured thing) #3

Bacon! Much bacon! I even drink the juice, once it’s cool enough.

(Jessica) #4

I remember feeling like this, too! It’s a total change of mind. This is the first time that I haven’t felt starved while trying to be healthy/lose weight so there’s a little voice that says this must be wrong. Just keep getting into the science, and remember that this was normal eating until about the 60s, after Ancel Keys screwed everybody up.

(less is more, more or less) #5

Solid question, I shared your same fear years ago.

I went to Dr. Westman to start my change of eating and I had blood panels drawn. As you may know, Dr. Westman is a strong evidence-based proponent of low-carb eating.To this day, My blood work continues to defy what we’ve been told about fat. Heck, I’m healthier today than I was 2 decades ago. The proof was in the “pudding,” (my labs) though that analogy falls apart at the moment.

The fear of fat and health stem from faulty epidemiological studies held by a maniacal power-mad “scientist” Ancel Keys, from the 1950 and 60’s. He did not harbor dissent well at all at squashed attempts to prove him wrongly. Money and power can enable one to do that.

(bulkbiker) #6

I went away and learnt why this probably means you’ll live longer!

This is a thread I started on another forum I’m a member of with all my links in one place.

(Ben ) #7

My wife and I love prime rib. She doesn’t like the fat so we cut up the meat so I get all of the fat and some of the meat and she gets just what she wants. It’s a win for both of us.

(Todd Allen) #8

I transitioned to keto gradually. I felt better and better as I went and watched my labs improve as I swapped fat in for carbs. The single thing that got ‘worse’ was an increase in LDL. But after much investigation I’ve come to believe calling LDL bad is a gross over simplification. Perhaps it contributes to trouble when one has high blood sugar, inflammation and other issues but there is also evidence it is beneficial.

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Excellent podcast on this very topic:

(Scott) #10

Mom got us off of butter when she switched to margarine because butter is bad. We all know how that worked out (trans fats). A lot of highly processed vegetable oils are promoted as “heart healthy” only because they replace saturated fats which we now know along with cholesterol in foods like eggs do not promote plaque int the artery walls. It ironic that what seems to be the culprit is high insulin levels caused by the standard american diet.

(less is more, more or less) #11

You, too? I’m still sore over that switch to skim “mlik” in 1978. Yech.

(A ham loving ham! - VA6KD) #12

Sugar has 4 Calories per gram. Fat has 9 Calories per gram. I need less than 1/2 the amount of fat for the same calories and I feel far fuller for far longer…it was an easy swap. :smile:



Nina Teicholz’ book “Big Fat Surprise”. Anything by Gary Taubes … - the two are serious investigative journalists who blew the lid on fat versus sugar.

Spoiler alert - Mr Fat was falsely accused by Mr Sugar.

The “diet heart hypothesis” by Ancel Keys, and then people started turning away from fat and turning to sugar. A few decades and hundreds of millions people later - we can all see something is clearly wrong with modern western food. Eating sugar and wheat makes us fat. Eating fat (and avoiding carbs) makes us skinny. All the fat gets burned away.

Dr Robert Lustig. “The Bitter Truth About Sugar”.

Keto: Drs Phinney, Volek, Westman, Noakes They have many videos and books. All worth reading.

Biochemistry courses - it became very clear to me the body loves fat. It gets first class treatment in the body. Protein is first class. Whereas carbs, especially sugar, are junk.

Dr David Diamond- a brain doctor with woeful cholesterol figures, spent 10 years sorting that out.

The large woman’s study ($700,000,000 and 10 years) was meant to demonstrate once and for all - fat causes cardio vascular disease … except it didn’t. Fat made no difference.

Mice on keto - no fat. Mice on carbs - full of fat.

My own fat belly, almost totally gone. I’m burning fat. I don’t fear fat. Fat is OK.

(Little Miss Scare-All) #14

Mmmmmmmmmmmm puddddddding…

Um I mean gross? Ick? No one likes nice cold pudding. Its made from bugs. Yes. From all the bugs I hate.

(JM) #15

I too went through this too… it gets easier just stick with it!

(Stephen Readman) #16

I Love Bacon :bacon: but not sure I could manage that, that’s hardcore!

(Carl Keller) #17

Researching the truth and separating fat from fiction. Here are just a few really good, life-changing books that will open your eyes and might even make you angry:



Dr. Jockers says Close to 90% of all well-planned, properly documented studies investigating the lipid hypothesis do not support the claim that “artery-clogging” saturated fats and dietary cholesterol cause heart disease.

Jason Fung says there are none. He says that heart attacks and strokes are predominately inflammatory diseases, rather than simply diseases of high cholesterol levels.


I’m still a proponent of moderation but if I am hungry my primary source of fuel is fat. It doesn’t mean all this is automatically sufficient for all the nutrients your body needs. I do take multi-vitamins as does my husband (iron-free). Do your own research and don’t be easily swayed by everyone else’s opinion. Form your own. Good luck!


I’m currently listening to “The Big Fat Surprise” book now. It is very interesting and thought provoking. This is more research information than just a keto book.

(Robin) #20

Just gotta trust the process. And remember it’s the carbs that cause the craving. Bite the bullet, hang on and be patient.
You got this