Getting crusty bottom on fathead pizza

(Oded Shopen) #1

Tried my first attempt at a fathead pizza. It was… ok. Need the dough to be a little less sweet.

My main problem was that the bottom of the pizza was a little moist. It kind of ruined the feeling if pizza for me.

How can I get it more “well done”? Will it help to turn the pizza dough before placing the ingridients? Do I have to use the paper for the entire process? Wouldn’t it make more sense to put it on a grid net towards the end?


(Julie Anderson) #2

I like the Carlshead Pizza variant. It comes out nice and crispy. We had one last night.


(Carol E. ) #3

I flip mine before adding toppings.

(Wayne Godfrey) #4

This is the trick. I actually flip mine about 2/3 of the way through cooking the crust. Finish cooking the crust the other 1/3 and then add the toppings and cook another 5 to 7 minutes. Crust comes out much better.

(Guardian of the bacon) #5

I do this and I also use a pizza stone.

(Oded Shopen) #6

Cool, thanks. And do you use Carl’s recipie or the original one?

(Morgan Rose) #7

I prefer the carlshead. And maybe thin the dough slightly I found that helped!!

(Carol E. ) #8

I prefer the original though I have tried both and each is good.

I always add seasoning too. Onion powder, garlic powder, fennel seed, red pepper flakes. Add whatever floats your boat… or add nothing. :wink: