Getting Back On Track!

(LB) #1

So after losing 55 lbs I lost my way and went back to being a raging carbaholic…sigh…fast forward several months and I’ve gained back 25 lbs and feel like crap and my BGL is high again…what a doofus!!

Today I have started back on the Low Carb WOE and my resolve is back and I’m looking forward eating and feeling well again…I’m SO excited!!

I love reading everyone’s stories and it really helps me stay on track and keep motiveated…thank you to you all!


Welcome back to the bright side! Best of luck to you :slight_smile:

(LB) #3

Thank you!! :grin:

(Mel Simpson) #4

Good for you for getting back on track before you gained it all back like I did a couple of years ago. I started eating carbs and tried to get back on track every day until two years later I was back to where I started almost exactly. I finally did get back on track and now I’m well on my way to my goal weight. I have faltered a few times but managed to get back on it with keto and intermittent fasting and fat fasting is. I am never ever going to go back carb eating and I may get off track but I will get back on track before I do too much damage. So I want to say good for you for getting back on track at 25 lb Mark as opposed to the 55 or 60 lb mark that’s a feat in itself

(LB) #5

Good for you as well!! Hearing that you are still succeeding is great incentive…good luck with the remainder of your journey!

(Rhonda ) #6

How’s it going Back on Track? I was on for 4 months and have been off for 3 months and feel crummy. Having a tough time getting back! Advice?