Getting 6 pack in 7 months

(Hong Kaing) #1

Hi everyone I’m just here to asked my keto friends here on the forums if it is possible possible for me to get a 6 pack in 7 months just by being on keto and working out an hour a day for 5 days a week. Currently I’m 170 pounds but I am only 14 so as you can guess I’m on overweight or obese side and I rashly made a bet with my cousin to get a six pack so now I’m just asking for advice on what to do and whether it’s even possible for me to get my abs to show.

(Katie the Quiche Scoffing Stick Ninja ) #2

Having your abs ‘show’ is as simple as reducing your body fat to below 10% for males I believe. '‘Toning’ is a myth and is only really achieved by building muscle and having a body fat percentage small enough for those muscles to shine through.


I think you need to be a bit realistic with your goal.

It’s great you want to lose weight (even if it is because of a bet), but to get a six pack you need to have a very, very low body fat percentage. Typically most of a person’s body fat accumulates on their belly, and because a person loses weight evenly all over, the last body fat to be lost will be the excess belly fat. So you can be thin but still have no six pack.

I think in the end, you have to decide to do this for yourself and not to impress family or friends. That can lead to unhealthy, obsessive eating habits/disorders if you’re doing something out of peer pressure.

I have a son your age, with a similar weight to you, so forgive me if I come across sounding too much like a concerned parent. :grinning:

(Allan Misner) #4

I can appreciate your desire to lose body fat, but here is the harsh reality: Your body will never cooperate with your desires. Keto is great for being a fat burner and the exercise can help (although too hard, too much will cause other issues). Our bodies desire balance (homeostasis), so you might lose a good bit in the beginning, but it will slow as your body fights to keep you the same (aka alive).

If your BMI has you classified as overweight or obese at 170 lbs, I’m guessing you are around 5 ft tall. Two things are happening for you right now that are both good (but will take more than 7 months to happen). You’re going to grow taller and your metabolism is primed to be excellent for the next 10 years. A ketogenic way of eating will do a ton of benefit for you.

You’ll likely lose your bet. Own that and start working on improving your overall health and fitness. I applaud you for having the foresight to start working on this now. Go be awesome!

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