General Chat Thread


Here’s a place to say hello or goodbye or talk about whatever you feel.


Hey folks, hope you’re having a good weekend. Back to work for me on Monday, which is unfortunate. Oh well. Gotta put that bacon on the table!

(Polly) #3

Hello. Are you in Australia @Nebulous? We have not got to the weekend yet here in UK.

(Karen) #4

Enjoying another quiet day house.


California, it’s Friday here. Close enough :stuck_out_tongue:


Those can be nice, unless you get too many of them.

(Tracy) #7

I learned you can freeze raw eggs. I’ve never had to know that before now.

(Ben ) #8

A popegecycle.

(Keto Koala 🐨) #9

Hello there it’s nice to meetcha, so on this forum I will greet ya. It’s nice to have a place to ramble, cos sometimes my mind is a shamble. Where in Cala do you reside?? So your allowed to step outside?? My Aunt is there in San Francisco, she’s stuck inside and can’t go to a bistro. I’m Aimee and I’m 31, I’m from Australia where there’s a blazing hot sun. Our Summers hot, our winters cold, but it’s colder in America I’ve been told. I hope that you enjoy your night, I know in California it’s now midnight. Sweetdreams to you, enjoy your sleep, I think this thread is really neat.:heart::heart:

(Polly) #10

What are they like when you defrost them? Any tips for how best to freeze them?

(Tracy) #11

I haven’t had to freeze any yet, but when they start getting close to their dates I will have to. I saw that you crack them into a silicone muffin tray and freeze them raw and store in a ziplock bag. Defrost over night when you know you’ll need them. I guess I never gave it much consideration but think of all the frozen egg products in grocery stores.

(Polly) #12

Thank you. I will give that a whirl and see how they turn out.


So glad October is here! Already got the house all decorated for Halloween :jack_o_lantern:

(Edith) #14

October is my favorite month here in Virginia. No more humidity, the days are still warm, and the skies are clear and blue.


I agree, October is the best month weather wise. Love harvest season.

(squirrel-kissing paper tamer) #16

Kentucky here…and the cool breeze on a sunny kind of hot afternoon. The best!


Also it’s Friday! Been a long week.

(Doug) #18

Still a bit toasty in Atlanta, but have had some good ‘fall days’ already and more scheduled soon. Totally agree - the best time of the year.

(Butter Withaspoon) #19

Spectacular week of rain and storms here in Richardland (also known as Canberra Australia). Right now there are heavy black clouds with bright golden sunshine peeking through and raindrops sparkling on every leaf.