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(Garry (Canada)) #42

Mayo recipe/ instructions

(Laurie) #43

I’m going to try this. It’s actually quite similar to @cw2001’s recipe. As far as being easy and foolproof is concerned anyway! I’ve ordered some “extra light tasting” olive oil, and we get a fresh egg or two each day from my bf’s hens.

I’m pretty sure the so-called olive oil mayonnaise I’ve been buying has very little olive oil in it (it’s mostly canola or soy oil). And although avocado oil mayo is affordable–if a bit expensive–at Costco, I can’t get to Costco and have had to buy it online, where it’s very expensive!

Thank you, Cindy, for the tip about making runnier mayo. My bf squirts mayo on everything, so this will be good to know.

(Laura) #44

My great aunt just passed last month of old age. She was 97 and did not have any of the common diseases that plague most people.

(Complete legend) #45

She died of the plague?

(Scott) #46

A friend of the family is 103 and lived alone til 102. Incredibly sharp, when she sold her home to a another friend of ours they asked her when she moved in to the home. Without a thought immediately replied in September 1960 on a Monday it was raining. She ate all the foods we would call bad here and is still going strong. She could easily pass as 20 to thirty years younger and doesn’t have hardly a wrinkle. Some people just have the genes. I remember singing happy birthday at her 100th and it hit me “this could really screw up a retirement plan”.

(Bob M) #47

Most of the bacon I see here (eastern US) is way, way fattier than that.

(Laura) #48

Lol. We actually don’t have that around here. I have seen signs out west in California saying that the squirrels carry bubonic plague, but not here in the East.

(Adrianna) #49

Some of the responses to her ranting are fantastic sources for info. I run a small, local Keto group and have posted a couple of the response videos just to help people understand it. Thanks for helping Jillian! :joy::rofl::joy:

(Full Metal Keto) #50

Jillian is one of the biggest asses on the planet. What a moron. Her show should have been called “The Biggest Liar” :cowboy_hat_face: