General campaign against Keto

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Following the recent Guardian article, I came upon this today. I have fault to find with everyone of the speakers, who thinks that processed meats are a part of ketogenic diet, or that it’s all about eating fat? I believe there is no or little mention of the word “carbohydrate”.
The following video (on MT Youtube,
is much more encouraging.

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I’m going to make this into a macro.

As always, when consuming information, CONSIDER THE SOURCE.

Fat causes cancer shocker
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This one from Jillian Michaels (Biggest Loser) was good for a laugh :face_with_raised_eyebrow::sweat_smile:

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“Unlimited calories”… I didn’t know that. Not that it matters because I just can’t overeat even if I want to.

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Most can’t on keto - that’s one of the things that makes Jillian’s take on it so laughable.

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Keto screws up her business model :slight_smile:

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And apparently does unspeakable things to her telomeres :open_mouth:

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Funny, none of the research that I’ve done on keto…absolutely NONE, has said to eat and eat and eat. NONE has said that you eat an unlimited number of calories. It’s all been about eating to satiety and yes, for some people, re-learning or figuring out where that satiety signal is. There have also been ZERO recommendations to eat all the time or constantly. In fact, it’s the reverse…everything I’ve been reading has said to try to space meals as far apart as possible and eliminate snacking as much as possible.

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But … but … what about all the liquid butter drinking?

(Cindy) #10

Ewwww… I know some people can do butter dipped pecans, that sort of thing, but I can’t. About the only fat that I can eat somewhat by itself is my homemade mayo…and that’s only something like licking the spoon. NOT a spoonful, just a little bit that’s left.

So no liquid butter drinking here!

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Well, you’re apparently not doing keto the right way as per the nutty keto dogmatists on this site, then!

Be gone, you and your … whatever!

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The only reason they can flap thy lips and play the vegetarian card is when they are cutting out the excessive sugars but the problem still remains if your eating grains (bread) etc. then they risk trapping the cholesterol in the blood stream if they are not eating enough plant fats?

Then you have to question the blood work of a vegetarian as “NORMAL” (“…oh look how normal my LDL’s are blah blah etc…) and what’s so scary about that, IS THAT THOSE ARE THE ONES THAT ARE DROPPING DEAD OF CARDIAC ARRESTS?

They probably will not live very long if their diet consist mainly of carbohydrates or maybe, just maybe (A BIG MAYBE) if their gut flora microbiota is in absolutely perfect ancestral condition and have lots of brown fat (BAT) could they bypass that with the high carbohydrates, fiber and that they are eating chlorella and spirulina with no animal or marine protein, fat and collagens in the diet? But I highly doubt it’s possible for most people to achieve? But what use is being a vegetarian-centenarian if you have Alzheimer’s and strokes?

I still can’t believe these people advocating this stuff are considered M.D.’s or Scientists?

One more thing when looking at the processed meats being discussed they are going to have zero harm if your endogenous or exogenous glutathione levels are adequate and sugar/carb intake is super low? (My Opinion) If the meat is not minimally processed to preserve it, it would kill you dead real fast!


Vegans, telling vegan stories.

Nina Teichholz didn’t eat red meat for 25 years so can sympathise with all of that but found the (necessary) supplement juggling to be a big hassle. I’m paraphrasing but - you can juggle pills or you can just eat meat and eggs and get pretty well get everything in one simple package. Throw in some veggetables and you are good to go.

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Plant Based News

Wouldn’t necessarily have to include stupid stuff, but :smile:.

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I can’t stop myself from snacking on the tiny bits of bacon in the pool of bacon grease in my cast iron skillet just dripping with bacon grease. Sometimes I just dip my finger in the pan to suck it off. :bacon::bacon::bacon::bacon::bacon::bacon::bacon::bacon::bacon::bacon::bacon::yum:

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And if they do they likely have an old age with Alzheimer’s disease to look forward to in retirement. :wink:

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I love her comment that meal timing is not addressed!! Huh?

(Karen) #18

This is a bit concerning because it’s a full-court press by the vegan and vegetarian communities. It’s troublesome because people with serious health issues are believing it, and not getting healthy. In this forum we find it laughable, but in the greater world people are getting sicker.

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Likely still buying into the low-fat concept too😕.


A good friend of mine has a sister who ate vegan for many many years. She eventually had to switch to eating some meat because she found out that she was malnourished and as a woman in her 30s, developing osteoporosis.