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I just loved the NAME of the track Darren sabotaged your thread-diversion with :slight_smile:


I think it got better as it went along so stick with it. Really interesting, dynamic characters.

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Not sure if my geek cred is adequate for this thread, but here goes:

  1. Star Trek Villain user name

  2. First computer was a PowerMac G4 350 running OS9

  3. Built a Hackintosh in 2012 that I still use.

  4. Played guitar in a Rush Tribute. :smile:

  5. Favorite band is also Rush. (Especially the old stuff)

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Maybe not so geeky but awesome!

Elwood Blues (Dan Aykroyd) & John Popper

(Doug) #86

@Robert_Johnson - Bob, can’t touch you for early ownership of computers (my first one was in 1996). However, on the Sinclair/Timex Sinclair computers, I once met Clive Sinclair - this was before he became ‘Sir Clive’ - it was at a large Mensa gathering, and he was big in British Mensa. Quite a guy, funny, smart as hell, quirky and I think with an impatient undercurrent that was barely submerged or not at all. He was a mixture of laughter at humanity - I think he finds the rest of us endearing but also tiresome and perhaps worthy of scorn at times.

I never had had long-term success with women, and then I married the first woman I met online (geek alert?); we’re together yet, 22 years later.

@KHAN - Randy, I like Rush a lot too. Alex Lifeson - if ever there was an under-rated guitar player… Neil Peart - was there ever a better drummer…? I like the “old stuff” too, but one thing that time helped with, in my opinion, is that Geddy Lee tamed that dog-shriek shrill howl of a voice a little. :smile: I never fail to turn up the volume when ‘Working Man’ comes on.

Worked in Canada for 9 years, and once saw Rush in the Toronto airport. Also saw Neil Peart at a restaurant north of Quebec City. He looked like a heck of a nice guy.

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Doug, my first computer was in 1995, and I’ve been married 22 years. What’s with the user name OldDoug? :flushed:

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Darren, in the course of my working life there have been quite a few co-workers that I’d see infrequently, once or a few times per year, instead of daily. Rather than saying, “Hi, Charlie,” I got in the habit of greeting with “Old Charlie Stauffer…” for example. A mixture of humorous idiosyncrasy and conscious/subconscious recognizance of history, time in service and whatever we have shared in the past.

17 years ago my then-employer sold part of the business to a new firm, where I’ve worked since. My experience pre-dated the existence of the latter company, so I came in as “the old man”/chief technical advisor/go-to guy. I’m older than my co-workers, so me saying, “Old Bob Ditto…” led naturally to Bob and others calling me “Old Doug So-and-so…”

I think it’s a guy thing - fairly hard to envision Woman A saying it to Woman B without there being some hard feelings… :smile:

When it comes to registering for online forums, ‘Doug’ is usually taken. I’m also on a wine drinker/collector forum (where I have, ahem, 7955 posts) and since I couldn’t have 'Doug," I went with OldDoug. Here too.

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Okay, that makes me feel better. :relieved:

I handle the new-hires at our office, and I started noticing some interesting correlations between myself and the year these “kids” were born.

First, I noticed, this kid was born the year I graduated high school.
Then, I realized this kid was born the year I graduated college.
Which soon later became, this kid was born the same year I was married.
Wait, this kid was born AFTER my son was born; I’M OLD ENOUGH TO BE THEIR DAD!

I had to accept the fact that when they address me as Sir, IT’S APPROPRIATE! :weary:

Oh well, thanks to keto, I feel 10 years younger than I did 10 years ago. :+1:

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I remember around 25 years ago helping a new grad get acclimated in the company where I was working. Customers were in, I was wearing a tie, and it suddenly struck me, “this tie is older than he is”.

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:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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Age sneaks up on us. Perhaps we have children who “keep us young,” but the clock keeps ticking. Or, maybe we don’t have children, and thus are more able to remain like kids ourselves, yet here too, the calendar rests not. (Although - have had more than one woman tell me that - regardless of being fathers or not - “All men are kids.”)

My experience was going through my 20s and 30s, still feeling really young and like life is open-ended. The 40s and 50s are often busy times, and somewhere in there it hit me that I’m closer to the end than the beginning.

The one that really gets me is:

So, for those newly-legal boozers in the U.S. who are now 21 years old, I was 38 when they were born; fully old enough to be their grandfather…

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I’ll see your fat geek, and raise you another!

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Up the stakes with a saturated fat eating woman with a reverse electron transport that works, who sings about human tragedy:

(Bob Johnson) #95

Oh, that’s not fair. I love it when you talk technical.
Well then, I’ll just have to play my trump card. A little known folk song about my job in the Air Force.


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Well, that sounds like long-term success to me…

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:bowing_man: :bowing_man: :bowing_man: :bowing_man:

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Just thought I’d share this, it’s annoyingly funny, and it takes a few episodes before it gets its own groove on.

It’s on Netflix, “Adam Ruins Everything”. If you’re a fun of Alton Brown from Good Eats on the food network, you will like this show. It’s done very much in his style, and Adam could be Alton in a parallel universe.

If you want a good laugh, skip ahead to episode 9, Adam Ruins Nutrition. This one episode alone probably kept this show from being on network TV.

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Lmao… the next episode I watched, someone thought he was Alton Brown, :joy::rofl::joy::rofl::joy::rofl:

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I just started watching this the other day!

I’ve seen a couple of YouTube videos, and listened to his podcast, so I already knew what the shows were about.

I agree, they’re really fun to watch. :+1:

And that comparison to Good Eats is very accurate. (except Adam has more hair)